Association of devotees

Hare Krishna.

14th December


Everyday I realise more and more how and why association of devotees is so important for a sadhak.

I also realise that whatever baby steps I have taken in spiritual journey are directly due to the mercy and association of devotees. From receiving Bhagavad Gita from Mukul Prabhu and starting my spiritual journey till yesterday chanting of Bhagavad Gita verses at Gurgaon centre is all due to causeless mercy of devotees. My own endeavour is nil rather in negative only.

Today morning I received a beautifully written mail from Anand Prabhu. In a very sweet way he taught me to how to reciprocate with my devotee brothers & sisters. After reading his mail I realise how self centered I am. When we receive praise from devotees we all handle it differently. For me, though, I outwardly may say that this is not me and this is all due to mercy of Guru and Guru paramapara but his mail showed me that rather than progressing in my spiritual journey I am still standing there, not unlike a car which has all its wheels resting on wheel jacks, the driver is pushing accelerator to full, the tires are moving, there is lot of smoke from the silencer and the car is making a lot of noise but the car still standing at the same point.

I am so grateful that somehow and due to some good fortune I have landed in association of devotees, who always try to guide me properly, they show me the right way and they have only good of everyone in their heart. My complete lack of progress is entirely due to my own lack of interest, intelligence and realisations.

I again write the same prayer by Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura, which I quoted on 11th December, and pray at the feet of devotees to remain merciful on me. I also pray at the lotus feet of all the devotees to bless me that  I can imbibe the meaning of this prayer in my heart rather than just focusing on its lyrics.

ohe! vaishnava thhâkura, doyâra sâgara,

e dâse korunâ kori’     

diyâ pada-châyâ, s’odho he âmâya,

tomâra carana dhori

O venerable Vaisnava, o ocean of mercy
be merciful unto your servant.
Give me the shade of your lotus feet and purify me.
I hold on to your lotus feet.
chaya vega domi’, chaya dosha s’odhi

chaya guna deho’ dâse

chaya sat-sanga, deho’ he âmâre,


p style=”text-align: justify;”>bosechi sangera âs’e

Teach me to control my six passions,

rectify my six faults,

bestow upon me the six qualities, and offer me,

the six kinds of the holy association

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

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