A Vaishanava is more merciful than Krishna !

Hare Krishna.

11th December.


Pawan Prabhu came to my home on Sunday for the weekly Bhagavad Gita class and had two packets with him. When everyone had left he unwrapped them and showed me two beautiful pictures of Sri Radha Shyamsundar and Sri Krishna Balram. He brought them as a present for our new apartment. I was looking forward to welcome Them at home for many months.

We have a new altar at home now and a small laminated picture of Sri Radha Shyamsundar, which was in the earlier altar,  did not fit in the new altar. I missed them but kept on deliberating on what size, which pose, what texture  will look best in the new altar and  so on. The result was no Radha Shyamsundar ! By the mercy of Pawan Prabhu I not only got Them but Krishna Balaram as well. Now Radha Shyamsundar majestically adorn one wall in the study. My chanting improved drastically from next day morning onwards, not just the next day. Sitting in front of Them I feel as if a channel from Vrindavan has come straight into my study room, where I chant in the morning. It is an unbelievable feeling. I feel so happy, so proud that They have come to bless us all in the new home.

In my earlier apartment I didn’t have a single full length pictures of my Lords. Rather I would daily download Their new picture on my computer from internet and adore their beauty every morning. Due to some malfunctioning in the computer that too stopped since last 2 months.

I called up Pawan Prabhu yesterday and thanked him profusely for this mercy. He was of course very polite about it but I know it was his and Pooja mataji’s mercy on us. It is true that devotee can shower more mercy than the Lord. I was hankering for Them for so long but didn’t have the `adhikar’ to invite Their Lordships at home, but now by the mercy of a Vaishanava I got the benediction of their constant Darshan at home.

ohe! vaishnava thhâkura, doyâra sâgara,

e dâse korunâ kori’     

diyâ pada-châyâ, s’odho he âmâya,

tomâra carana dhori

O venerable Vaisnava, o ocean of mercy
be merciful unto your servant.
Give me the shade of your lotus feet and purify me.
I hold on to your lotus feet.


All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

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