Last 4 days of Kartikin Vrindavan

Hare Krishna.

14th November

I left for Vrindavan in the afternoon with three other devotees. We reached just when Guru maharaj’s seminar was going on in the Balram Hall. It was wonderful to listen to Krishna’s Vrindavan Lila’s from Guru Maharaj. This seminar was for 5 days and culminated on 17th evening with description of Vrindavan in the spiritual world.

Later I took darshan of Guru Maharaj at his apartment with other devotees. Guru Maharaj always emphasizes on staying under the shelter of Srila Prabhupada’s lotus feet and ISKCON. Every time I hear his message my resolve to serve ISKCON becomes stronger.

I was also pleasantly surprised to meet HG Mahadevi Dasi here. She had come to meet guru Maharaj to pre pone his seminar by half an hour, which he graciously agreed. Her presence makes me feel so good. She also told me that there may be some rooms available at the hotel next to MVT, I got the last room and the problem of where to stay was solved in 5 minutes. Hari Bol.

15th November

I attended the mangal Arti and did my rounds at Srila Prabhupada’s quarters. I found some devotees went for govardhan parikarma today morning and I felt sad I wanted to go for one in Kartika. My consolation was circumambulation of Govardhan mountain devotees made in the temple complex last monday.

I attended a wonderful seminar by HG Sarvabhauma Prabhuji on Damodar Leela. It is always so nice to hear him and he enchanted everyone with his katha.

Guru Maharaj’s seminar started at 4.3o and he again took us to the land of Vrindvan with interesting stories and anecdotes about Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavan.

I was most pleased to know that devotees from Ujjain were going for Govardhan Parikarma tomorrow morning, I requested them to take me with them and they heartily agreed.

16th November

The temple for choc o block at 4.30am, there was hardly space to even enter the compound. I squeezed in took darshana and left.  We left for Govardhna Parikarma around 5 am and it was nice to be in a bus load of devotees. I had the good company of HG Radhapad Prabhuji from Ujjain during the initial yatra. After many solo parikarma’s I was back with devotees.

I hurt my foot within half an hour into Parikarma and foolishly looked for a Dr. or chemist as it opened the top layer of the skin and pained, I was also worried for the infection walking next 5 hours with an open wound. I lost all the devotees, as they went ahead, and could not find any chemist as well that that early hour of the day.

I paid my obeisances to Girirah Maharaj and started another solo parikarma ! After sometime I got hold of my pain and could concentrate on being present in the most holy Govardhan mountain. Early morning parikarma always works best for me. There were occasional blaring loudspeakers selling their wares but on the whole it was peaceful and enriching for my body as well as soul.

I thought about my little injury and realised the following

1. As an aspiring Vaishanava I should not have walked over a pile of garbage which got me injured. I will not take short cuts and always walk on the clean route.

2.  I realise that my consciousness was not pure before starting the parikarma. Inspite of feeling great somewhere deep I still had the feeling of achieving another Parikarma rather than feeling truly humbled and acknowledging that I have got mercy to be able to offer my respects to Govardhan.

I pray to Sri Giri Govardhan that I do not forget these lessons.

Giriraj Maharaj Ki jai !


We were back in Vrindavan around 2 pm. I got my bandage done at Bhaktivedanta hospital, very quick, and cheap, Rs 50 for bandage and Rs15 for the tetanus shot.

I kept a fast for the parikarma day and felt bad that I did not keep the last 5 days of Kartika. I attended Guru Maharaj’s seminar at 4.30pm, how I wish that Guru Maharaj should speak 2 hours each in the morning as well as afternoon. It was wonderful katha and Q & A.

Then came back to take darshan of guru maharaj at his apartment and meet devotees.

While coning out I met HG Saranga Prabhuji, who told me to come continue my fast till tomorrow afternoon and then join for a feast at Guru Maharaj apartment , devotees were to open the 5 days fast between 11.45 and 12.15pm. Hari Bol.

17th November

I attended the Mangal arti, took darshan of my beautiful Lord. I did my rounds at Prabhupada’s quarters. We had wonderful morning Kirtan by HH Lokanath swami maharaj before the Guru Puja. Then attended morning class by Guru maharaj, its so much learning for me when I see Guru Maharaj starting the class by asking everyone if they are feeling too cold and did everyone is sitting on the carpet. He is always caring for the audience. The class was wonderful and so were later his signature Q & A session.

I later sat in the well maintained park in MVT to complete my rounds and almost dozed off in the sunny weather!

I went to attend the feast at Maharaj’s apartment with Sumeet Prabhu and his family at 12 noon. It was surely a feast for the brahmacharis wo had kept the 5 day Bhishm panchak fast. I was just a freeloader. The food was simply delicious and there were so many dishes. I just about manage to finish my first servings with some effort. Guru Maharaj then came and asked almost everyone on how are they doing and encouraged us to eat more.

Guru Maharaj took a small session/class with students in the afternoon. Sitting there I realised how guru Maharaj started by asking them how was their trip to Vrindavan, who all came for the first time and then slowly took them into higher topics and that too with a such an ease. Its art Guru Maharaj knows , he always asks questions relevant to the audience and then still gives them a message in a very easy to understand manner.

I then rushed to meet HH Jananand Maharaj. I read about him in the mails HG Chitralekha devi dasi sends on her google group. Sumeet Prabhu serves him very well and due to his mercy I could meet maharaj. He was staying at ISKCON Goshala. As I went around looking for his room, I realised how good the aura around the goshala was. It was very peaceful, almost a farm like ambience. I took darshan of Maharaj he came across as a very gentle and simple soul. One can not help but admire how Srila Prabhupada touched each of his disciple and turned each of them into such devotees with different mood of serving their Guru and ISKCON.

I would love to stay in Goshala next time.


It was then time for the last class of the seminar Guru Maharaj was taking in the balram HallHe took us to the transcendental journey of the spiritual world and virtually summarised Sanatana goswami’s Sri Brihad Bhagavatamrita in one and a half hour. As Gopa Kumar from one `loka’ to another we could understand the hierarchy of each loka. We also saw how with a simple heart, right mantra and outright eagerness to meet Krishna Gopa Kumar finally receives the mercy of the lord and join Him in His eternal  pastimes in Goloka Vrindavan.

I was sitting on the bench inside the hall due to my injured foot, and as I looked out of the window during the class, I saw the now familiar smiling face of HG Mahadevi Dasi !  Hari Bol. She smiled and left.

After the seminar many devotees left for their homes and I too had planned for the same but changed my prog for Monday as I could an opportunity to serve Guru Maharaj again.

As Guru Maharaj’s lecture was going on I heard the sound of sweet nectar, I knew it was Sachinandan Maharaj’s kirtan, suddenly there was a big desire, rater sort of cry, to see Maharaja and attend his retreat. The kirtan topped after sometime.

As I was going back to the hotel room I saw HH Sachinandan maharaj going towards temple from the Krishna Hall. Hari Bol. I paid my obeisances immediately.

After I came back to the temple and as I entered from the side door I could hear HH Sachinandan Maharaj was singing the kirtan. My joy knew no bounds. In my sudden spiritually uplifting mood the first thing I did was to buy the Chaitanya Charitamit book set. I bought the packet with me and then sat in the temple complex. Soon I was deep into the Kirtan by maharaj.  He sang with deep feelings. I sang with my full voice and could connect with Lord. The Kirtan continued  till 10 pm. It was so so wonderful to hear him. I had attended Maharaj’s retreat last year and over the period of time I lost most the instructions but in 10 minutes each word came back to me. Totally immersed, those were transcendental 2 hours for me. Thank you so much Maharaj.


HH Sachinandan Maharaj Ki jai !

18th November

I did not attend the mangal arti as I woke up late. Hurriedly went to do japa at Prabupada quarters. As I entered, I got the darshan of HH Sachinandan maharaj again as he too was chanting his rounds there.

Weekend at Vrindavana

Hare Krishna.

9th November

I was back in Vrindavan on Saturday afternoon, thanks to Atma Prabhu for inspiring me to come back and Deepak Handa Prabhu for giving me a ride, conclusion always listen to devotees.

In the afternoon I met Nand Maharaj Prabhu in the temple compound. He wanted to know if I had any questions to ask him. I had requested Sumeet Prabhu yesterday that I wanted to meet him. I wanted to hear him speak about Krishna consciousness. I somehow mumbled some questions and comments about how I still get angry when I am in the material world and help me in this regard. Prabhuji told me to learn to be humble and never forget that I am a vaisnava. He added that it doesn’t mean that we let people take advantage of our humility but our behaviour should be that of a vaishanva. He spoke about  four `S’

Sidhanta : Principle, we are eternal servant of Lord.

Sadhna : 4 regulative principles and minimum 16 rounds of chanting.

Service: Serving local temple and devotees to the best of our ability.

Sadachar  : Our behaviour. He mentioned that this is one of the most difficult one to adhere, we can achieve it only by long and careful practice. He told me an interesting story about Lord Krishna and karna about our natural instinct.

Later in the evening I requested Mukunda Priya Prabhu to help in preaching and increasing the congregation in Gurgaon. He gave me very practical advise. We then attended Guru Maharaj’s class at his apartment roof, another good session and association of exalted devotees from across the world.

In the evening I  could get association of Atma prabhu for dinner at MVT, it was nice to hear him at leisure as he is always busy serving Guru Maharaj.

Sunday : I attended Samadhi arti and Mangal Arti in the morning. After Guru Puja I rushed to `Goshala’ where Guru Maharaj was taking a special class on the occasion of Gopashtami. But before that a special mention for the unique gopa dress worn by Radharani today. I always wonder why she dresses as Gopa on Gopashtami. She looked most beautiful. This is the special day when Krishna graduated from herding calves to herding the cows. It is one of the two days in a year when we can get Radharani’s  `charan darshan’.


I went to ISKCON `Goshala’ for the first time ever. It was clean and decent size. It felt nice to be among cows on Gopashtami. As I reached there, some devotees were feeding special laddoos to cows, I too bought a small bucket and for  first time fed anything to cows. They virtually snatched the laddoos from my hand, after my initial hesitation I became comfortable feeding them. They pushed each other to eat them.

Then the procession came from the temple. Guru Maharaj first fed laddoos to many cows, worshiped them and then gave an excellent lecture on Gopashtami.

photo 1 photo 2

In the lecture Guru Maharaj explained that on this day Krishna passed the childhood age known as kaumara and stepped into the age of pauganda, from the sixth year up to the tenth year. This particular ceremony was meant only for men and boys but  Radharani wanted to join the celebrations. One of her friends then suggested that she looks just like Subal and then they called Subal and She exchanged clothes with him. She then went to attend the ceremony dressed as a gopa. Hence she is dressed as a gopa on this day in all ISKCON temples and we can see her lotus feet as gopas walk bare feet.  So the mystery for Radharani unique dress got solved for me. Maharaj also spoke on other very sweet pastimes of Krishna like when Mother Yashoda wanted Krishna to wear sandals while herding cows but He refused . Similarly how a worried and affectionate mother Yashoda  instructed Krishna’s friends to always remain close to him, “Balram…you stay in front of Krishna, Subal you stay behind, Sridam and Sudama you stay on Krishna’s sides.” And how the cows refuse to move till Sri Krishna came in front of them. Very fulfilling lecture.

After the ceremony I came back to the temple,took darshan again of Their Lordships. I slept for some time during the day and then I was informed that Guru Maharaj will be giving a class for the Braja mandal parikarma at Chirghat. I missed the bus but by Lord’s mercy Pawan Prabhu and Pooja mataji reached just in time from Gurgaon and we went straight on a long & bumpy ride deep inside the villages, I had never ventured in this interior region of Braja, the villagers here spoke a very different dialect.

Guru Maharaj spoke about different Rasa, `shaant’, `dasya’, `Sakhya’ , Vatsalaya and `madhurya’ and how they are so unique and only in Vrindavan can we get access to play with the supreme personality of Godhead with such loving exchanges. He sang melodious kirtan. We then took a round of the place where Krishna stole gopi’s clothes. There was a very old Kadamamba tree and a temple for katyani Devi. We all paid our obeisances there.

photo 4

we reached back around 6pm and attended Kirtan at temple. Then Guru Maharaj met us all at his MVT apartment. It was a very good Q & A session. Many devotees asked personal questions and Guru Maharaj replied them back with clarity. He spoke strongly about staying in ISKCON and under the shelter of Srila Prabhupada.

Later,  I said goodbye to dear Mukunda Priya Prabhu, they were leaving next day to Surat. It was my lucky night as Atma Prabhu invited me for dinner, Guru Maharaj’s maharaprasadam. Hari Bol !

I came back to the apartment of Deepak Handa Prabhu around 9.30pm, we talked for sometime and then slept. We left next day early morning at 4.45am back to Gurgaon.

A Gentle Soul

Hare Krishna.


I met a very gentle soul while going with Srila Prabhupada around Vrindavan. She was walking beside the Palanquin. She was full of energy and almost always running in front and side of the Palanquin. After some time as she was holding the side of the Palanquin I requested her that we are all are carrying Srila Prabhupa and she should not exert herself. Her reply stumped me,  she said `I just want to be close to my spiritual master’. After sometime it became warm and she instructed us to remove the shawl from Srila Prabhupada’s deity, not agreeing when someone merely pushed it back. One could see the love and affection she had from her spiritual master. She kept on clicking pictures at all the times. At one time she pointed to a painting of `Hanuman’ on a shop facade. Everyone looked up but we could not get the context. Then she added `he is blessing Prabhupada’.


I could not resist asking her name and contact no.. She is HG Mahadevi Dasi, disciple of Srila Prabupada and now based in Vrindavan dham.

As luck would have it, I met her again at Govinda after the procession, she was there with her friends for breakfast. She was kind enough to gave us her association for almost half an hour, she has so much love for Srila Prabhupada and as a result she has a very soft and tender heart. I pray one day my heart could be 10%  as soft as hers.

We again crossed in the evening inside MVT. I told her that I would bother her again and would like to hear pastimes of Srila Prabhupada with her. She replied `Srila Prabhupada is still here and guides us all’. Jai Jai.

General perception is that Indians are more emotional but Mataji smashed my perception with her deep felt love for Srila Prabhupda and I wonder, with a tinge of envy, what love and affection these devotees received from Srila Prabhupda which they still carry so passionately in their soft hearts.

All glories to HG Mahadevi Dasi.

All glories to Srila Prabhupda.

Kartika at Vrindavana

Hare Krishna.

4th November

It was wonderful to have Guru Maharaj at our home on the Diwali eve, nothing but causeless mercy. I slept late on 3rd night but we all got  up early to leave for Vrindavan with Guru Maharaj.

As usual Guru Maharaj was up and running early morning. We had a wonderful Q & A Session with Guru Maharaj clearing so many doubts of devotees. We left around 7.50am and were in Vrindavan Dham by 11am. Guru Mahraj entered the gates of MVT  to a  tumultuous welcome by the devotees. We later took darshan of Their Lordships, they looked more gorgeous and affectionate than ever, as always.

Entering MVT

The next 3 day were spent as if I was on a different plane altogether.

We, me and Sumeet Prabhu, started with darshan of Guru Mahraj at his apartment, then it was time for the Govardhan Puja, the temple compound was decked up beautifully. We watched the beautiful annnakut preparations and so many Bhoga offerings to Sri Giriraj. We took the parikarma and were blessed with prasadam after almost every round. There was festivity all around.

Giriraj Maharaj ki jai !

1457599_10202442336805921_394315919_n 1455087_10202442383887098_763020507_n

I later met wonderful devotees from Surat, also HG Nanda Maharaj Das from Chandigarh, then I had lunch prasadam at Guru Maharaj’s apartment. Guru Maharaj met everyone again  in the evening. Later we went to listen to HH Radhanath Maharaj at Fugla Ashram. I saw Maharaj for the first time but it seemed I had seen him many a times, of course, watching so many of his videos earlier. He spoke with so much `bhava’ about Krishna’s pastimes and specially Govardhan Lila. Later Radhanath Maharaj did Kirtan and then Guru Maharaj sang Damodar Ashtakam, the whole complex danced with spiritual potency. We bought some CDs of Maharaj’s lectures. Once the lecture was finished and we were waiting outside, but inside the ashram, for the crowd to disperse. we saw Radhanath Maharaj coming in our direction. Sumeet Prabhu commented ` today I will touch his feet, come what may’. I was a little scared. But he pushed me closer to where HH Radhanath Maharaj was walking. As Maharaj stopped in front of us we both touched the soil, touched by his lotus feet. Hari, Hari !

HH Radhanath Maharaj Ki Jai !


Tuesday : I had the good fortune to attend Mangal Arti, Mangal Arti darshan are always special for me, I can’t pick a finger on the reason but there is something special about Mangal Arti darshan. I  did my rounds in the temple and later at Prabupada’s house. Among many other things, HG Sankarshan Das Adhikari taught  me two special instructions

1. To attend samadhi Arti whenever possible

2. To chant my rounds at Srila Prabhupada’s house.

Both these instructions have helped me a lot.

Evening was very special as I went to take darshan of  HH Radha Govind maharaj. His apartment was so simple, like his very own self. I paid my obeisances and told him how much I love him and I listen to his sweet lectures every day since last 4 months, he has changed me. He heard me patiently, nobbed and I got prasadam from his hands. I would definitely go and meet him again and again and again.

HH Radha Goving Maharaj ki Jai !

In the evening Guru maharaj first gave an excellent on his pastimes with Srila Prabhupada’s at Vrindavan, and later in the evening he made the whole temple dance with his melodious kirtan from 7pm-8pm. I was filled to the core with spiritual energy.


Wednesday :  I attended Srila Prabupada’s arti and the mangal arti. Later I met Gaurav Prabhu after a long gap, it was so good to meet him, he is progressing very well in his sadhna bhakti. We both missed association of Subir Prabhu.

There was an excellent morning Bhagavatam lecture at an early time of 6am by H.G Badrinarayan Prabhu. Then it was a occasion to take Srila Prabhupada to all the six Goswami temples in Vrindavan.  By the mercy of Lord, I got the service to carry Srila Prabhupada’s in his Palanquin. I felt very close to Srila Prabhupada, I was carrying my grandfather all around. Then HH Gopal Krishna Goswami maharaj came and to put a cherry on the cake Guru Maharaj did sankirtan till Radha Damodar temple, My day was made, indeed one of my best days in Vrindavan Dham. Many people paid obeisances to Srila Prabhupada on our way. Thank you so much Srila Prabhupada for allowing me to participate in your procession.


I met a very gentle soul in the procession and I will write about her separately.

After reaching back I got the good association of Vineet Prabhu and later Murari prabhu, both from Jaipur. Is is always a pleasure to meet both of them, they are knowledgeable, humble and very affectionate.

In the evening we had darshan of Guru Maharaj  and then Guru Maharaj sang Gopi Geet to a packed house Balaram House.

As I was offering deep daan with Priti I virtually rubbed my eyes as I saw Karuna Prabhu and then HG Rukmini Krishna Prabhuji. It was so good to see him. Hari, Hari ! What more can one ask in a single day.

I left the same evening back to Gurgaon with a heavy heart. Who would wish to leave Vrindavan in Kartik and the association of so many devotees.

Kartik maas ki Jai !

Vrindavan Dham Ki Jai !

Srila Prabhupada ki Jai !

Feeling of Separation

Hare Krishna.


Whenever I heard about love in separation I could never comprehend fully that how could someone be near us and yet we would feel separation from him/her. Whenever this topic would come up during the lectures I would get bewildered as I could not understand howsoever hard I would try to `feel’ it.

Well, I am ashamed to admit that I still do not feel any separation with Lord or my Guru Maharaj or my shiksha Guru, rather I feel the opposite that They are always near me and many a times I become conscious of  Their presence around me.

But recently I got a taste of the same medicine, albeit at  my own expense. My dear friend Sumeet Prabhu ji told me that he may be shifting to Singapore or Australia by the end of next year. Initially I absorbed it by thinking that’s life, we all meet and get separated. But as time passed I started feeling it. Since last 2 weeks whenever Prabhu ji calls me the only thing I can think of is that he is leaving and I feel upset, like a small child.

I can now appreciate `love in separation’ a bit. I pray to Lord that Vaishnava’s continue to shower their mercy on Sumeet Prabhu and he continues to get their association.

All glories to the ever merciful and softhearted devotees.

All glories to Srila Prabhpada for creating such a beautiful garden of devotees under ISKCON.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

From kanishtha adhikari society to madhyama adhikari society

Hare Krishna

download (1)

I had gone to Punjabu Bagh temple last week and HG Rukmini Prabhu strongly advised to come and attend Friday and Saturday morning lectures in the temple, they will have a special guest from Chowpatty, Mumbai, HG Radha Gopinath Prabhuji. I never had the fortune to hear him before and listened to his lecture on Friday over internet. He spoke very well, analytically, sprinkled with humour,  one could absorb the message convincingly. Saturday, I had a special guest from Ujjain, HG Mukunda Prabhuji, we reached in time to attend Guru Puja  and then we were told that HG Radha Gopinath Prabhuji will be taking a special class.

With curiosity in my heart we reached a packed hall, ready for a presentation. HG Radha Gopinath Prabhuji started his presentation and for two hours we were in transcendental self introspection world.

He picked up a unique subject`From Kanishtha Adhikari society to Madhyama Adhikari Society’

In my humble opinion this seminar should be made mandatory in before we take Diksha.

I am sharing some main points below from the seminar. Please pardon my mistakes as I took all notes on my mobile phone as I went unprepared to attend a seminar.

Kanishtha Adhikari Society

1. Proper Vaishnava relations are not the norm.

2.  Contentiousness arising from Envy.

Prabhuji defined Jealously as burning inside and envy as acting on the jealously. E.g. King Chitreketu’s son was poisoned by the jealous queens.

We pull down others by telling misdeeds of others, gossiping, and then as the listeners are also kanishtha adhikaris they make a opinion that everyone is like this, having a dark side.

3. Vie with each other for prestige, power and perks.

4. Pretension of advancement for honour.

To judge a person by his title, administrative post, etc., real spiritual advancement is not the criteria.

5. No open and honest relation with God brothers.

If I share my weaknesses then I will not get respected, he/they will find out about my shortcomings and I may not be respected any more and so on. Such mentality curtails our spiritual growth

6. Concealing weakness, secretive mentality.

7. Remain aloof from real fellowships.

Feel alone, secluded.  Then the person start liking the  `outside’ atmosphere more as he sees people `outside’ don’t judge him.

8. Does not want to be preached due to fear of subordination.

9.  Eager to find faults, to reassure himself of his superiority.

As we can’t see a mole under our own nose, similarly we try to see faults in others to feel superior. Try to remain up by pulling others down so that we remain superior.

10.  Identifying spiritual advancement with organisational advancement.

Actually real leaders do not wish to become leaders.

11.  Lacking real spiritual assets, substitutes organisational elevation attained through cunning or political prowess.

Inceasingly Diksha has become a criteria for spiritual advancement or spiritual progress. Like a BSC certificate and not being utilised. Diksha is no doubt important but it should be taken as start of spiritual journey not the end. People can be advanced in spiritual life and may not yet taken Diksha.

12.  Intense competitive spirit.

How to overcome Kanishtha stage

1. Diligent and attentive Sadhna Bhakti

Not becoming a fair weather devotee, will do Bhakti when surroundings are suitable.

2.  Overcome false ego and envy.

3. Habitual negligence of Sadhna is fatal.

Especially for devotees who do lot of service.

Devotee’s heart compared to a ‘well’. We have to give but only if we ‘get’ by our Sadhna Bhakti. Service in no excuse for lack of Sadhna Bhakti.

4. Intense common commitment to our Sadhna is essential for creating and sustaining a madhyama society.

Sunday feast was started by Srila Prabhupada for this purpose so that we can all meet and share each other’s problems, realisations, etc.

Rising from Kanishtha to Madhyama

8 factors which helps a community to grow from Kanishtha to Madhyama

1.  Being conscious of needs and emotions of others.

a. Acknowledging someone exists and they have needs and emotions like us.

What I went through I won’t let others suffer it.

b.  we generally focus on our own needs, at the expense of others needs and emotions.

An ideal leader makes every subordinate feels important. When Haridas Thakur was dying Mahaprabhu said that His life will be shunya. Also the subordinate should take it humbly. Haridas Tahkur replied to Mahaprabhu that he is just an ant.

Physically: need defence

Mind : needs protsahan

Spirit : need self esteem

Sensitivity to the need of others.

C. Not conscious of offending or hurting others.

Samadarshina means where we get hurt we should feel the same for others as well.

How to give respect

Physical : dandavat

Speech: by calling them Sri , Prabhuji

Mental : kritagyata, thinking if his good qualities.

We can research what all Srila Prabhupada spoke about respect.

E.g. Srila Prabhupada said he was taught to pick and touch even a single piece of rice which would  fall on the ground as it is the mercy of Lord and it can’t be produced by humans. So he got that has a habit from childhood

Prahallad Maharaj always spoke respectfully to his father though he never listened to him.

D.  Developing skills of interpersonal dealings.

Eg. Becoming aware of how our behavior, attitudes and interaction affect others and correcting immediately if we found them to be negative. Leaders especially need to take care of this.

E. First step is to understand and admit that a problem exists.

F. Putting our self in other’s shoes; reflecting on other’s feelings.

2. Good communication

A.  Communication creates a communion ( spiritual fellowship) in a community.

Communis :

B. it is important because it creates and sustains and community.

C. Basis if social communication.

D. Honest communication achieves miracles

E. Without it, best philosophy cannot help build a lasting community.

Aspects of good communication

1. It must be two way. It gives strength

-or else it leads to dissatisfaction and rebellion

-We learn, because everyone has something to offer.

e.g. a leader is seeing a clean chair from the top where as a small child can see the dust under it. Everyone can and does add value.

2.  Listening is crucial. It should be

Non judgemental ( don’t speak or pass a judgement before we have listened )

Valuing the person ( taking action on the good suggestions)

Sympathising with him ( what happened , why do you feel like it ?? )

What is listening openly

Not giving up our discriminative ability.

Broad minded to be open to contrary view points.

Being non judgemental.

Listening with respect and. Empathy.

Integrity to respect others, wherever they are on the spiritual path.

Srila Prabhupada called the street vendor His Guru speaking via him when he suggested to print in a book rather than distributing pamphlets.

Rigid practice of KC , our self, with clear understanding of philosophy.

We preach and encourage without being a judge in their life.

Real communication is worth striving for, it is satisfying.

3. Appreciation and respect

It should be done by practice and respect

Its is said : Man sees the lips God sees the heart. or Man sees the result God sees the effort.

Every devotee is like a limb of Srila Prabhupada’s body. Small or big, all are important

Krishna appreciates all efforts whether done by  Hanuman or an ant.

If we are humble, we can see that all are offering as much service as we are.

This quality is very important for managers.

Partiality to devotees

a. Serious violence and create havoc.

Eg. Men and women , leaders and followers, renunciates & householders, other Guru’s disciples.

Srila Prabhupada said that ‘part politics will spoil everything. ‘

We will lose devotees

Solution : simple dose of honest appreciation by openly glorifying devotees.

This will improve out attitude to others and benefit those who hear it.

Always remember that every devotee is special.

Transcending individual differences

It is one of the most prominent focus of a community.

Appreciate variety brought to community by of each person.

Do not compare devotees with each other.

Individual differences.: not a threat to overcome but seen as a valuable add on.

What would happen if everyone is same, there is only type of fruit, all homes look same. In Russia Prabhuji could only get  potatoes and corrots as food, only one flower in two colors, he got bored eating the same things for weeks. It is Bhagawan’s Kripa that we are all different. Difference is the spice of enjoyment.

Facing differences without being critical is very crucial. It is central issue of our progress.

It will turn petty differences into progressive discussion

Do not make general statements like `He always talk negative.’

It will build bridges instead of increasing gaps.

It doesn’t mean ignoring natural differences of varna ashram and different roles

Appreciate differences between us as a gift. That is the specially of ISKCON.

They are all desiring to satisfying Krishna.

e..g. Krishna had both `left wing’ and `right wing’ gopis, they all added flavour to His pastimes and both were equally devoted to Him.


Being committed to co- existence under Srila Prabhupada and preach others. We go on serving through thick and thin.

Honesty. A devotee is straight forward in behaviour.

Sometimes diplomacy is used for ‘preaching ‘ but most of the times it backfires.  ( slowly and  unknowingly it becomes a habit )

Prabhuji gave an example where one person approached a book distributor `Can I have the book  ‘prema sagar’ , the book distributor sold him Bhagavad Gita and later when asked why did he do it, he replied that `Prabhuji, all the Prema is in Bhagavad Gita.’ So one way it may be correct but the other person may feel cheated once he realises that he didn’t get what he wanted and may make a negative image about whole ISKCON.

Self examination

Community needs to be attentive to self improvement

Self critical , open and thoughtful to the feedback of others.

Not ignore feedback a. Don’t see it as antagonism or negativity, but a chance to improvement.

Vidur and Vibhishan classic examples whose advice was ignored both Dhritrashtra and Ravana lost everything.


Only devotees can feel try empathy because they know nature of soul and its deviation

Resolving conflicts gracefully.

Conflicts are natural and unavoidable.

We must confront it , but with almost respect for each other.

Two brothers Sundh and Visundh ( I may have got the names incorrect),  they got a benediction that they could only be killed by each other, they were very close and defeated all the demi gods. In the end demi god arranged to send a tilakuttam kanya, to seduce them. They both fought over the girl and killed each other.

Desires are unlimited and resources are limited.

Say problem is mine and share it with other.


If we apply these practical with proper attitudes, we will see immediate difference around us.

Must be applied with resolution and determination.

It helps us to understand our strength and our shortcomings and limitations.

There is nothing revolutionary or novel in the above suggestions, we just have to understand their importance.

The importance of friendship and relationships is topmost.

In the last few minutes Prabhuji rushed through the presentation as time went flying but everyone listening attentively received the message loud and clear. I could only write that much over phone but I am sure you can request Punjabi Bagh temple to share the audio recording of the same from HG Sadhu Swarup Prabhuji ( HG Radha Gopinath Prabhuji also recommended  a 36 hour seminar on communication for everyone. I pray to  HG Rukmini Prabhuji to arrange it for the benefit of all the neophyte devotees like my own self.

My dandavat Pranam to HG Gopinath Prabhuji for giving me a big booster dose on such a wonderful subject and to HG Rukmini Prabhuji for arranging this seminar.

Please  listen/download the audio recording of the lecture from the below  link

All glories to HG Radha Gopinath Prabhuji.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.