Memories of Srila Prabhupada

House in Krishnaloka

P. L. Sethi : One day I was building one story on the old building for the devotees because there was nowhere for them to live. They were staying in Chaitanya Math. One day I was working very hard and cement and sand were on my clothes. I thought, “I will not go to Guruji in this position.” But my mind said, “Why you are not going to Guruji? Go to Guruji. What is the problem? We’re working near and there must be some cement and sand that will be on when I’m working like this.” And I went to Guruji and all these sannyasis like Giriraj Swami and Sridhar Swami were sitting there. And Guruji said, “Mr. Sethi, you are building houses for my devotees and your house is being built in Krishnaloka.” And I said, “I am a sinful man, Prabhupada. How l can go to Krishnaloka?” Then Guruji said, “This I will see. This is not your duty. I will see that you will go to Krishnaloka.” You see how Krishna loves the devotee who serves the devotees. Guruji showed mercy upon that person who served the devotees that he allows him to enter Krishnaloka. What a big thing. What mercy of Guruji to say that, “The person who serves my devotees, he will go to Krishnaloka.” What a big thing, what a big philosophy.

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