Disciple Course

Hare Krishna.

I called up HG Rukmini Prabhu on the last day of Kartik and Prabhuji instructed me to attend a new seminar which was to begin on at Punjabi Bagh temple 0n 20th Nov. When I got the details later I found out that it was a 8 day course and my first reaction was to cancel it as renovation of new apartment were at the last stage, I did not help much and it was wife who single-handedly manged everything, then I kept on travelling to Vrindavan during Kartik. so due to guilt feeling my first hunch was to excuse myself and then better sense prevailed and i joined for the course. I know from the past that whenever I have listened to HG Rukmini Prabhuji I have only gained in my spiritual journey. The course was to be conducted by HH Brhad Bhagavat Maharaja, whom I respect a lot.

I missed the first day as I got stuck in the traffic and got too delayed to enter the seminar knowing Maharaj well.

As a bonus I got a call from Subir Prabhu, he and Gaurav Prabhu too joined the seminar and they were excited about their first day experience, so now I had their company too. I went with them on the second day to get their association. Both of them are very nice devotees and anyone would appreciate their enthusiasm for learning more, working in Gurgaon then going to Punjabi Bagh and then back to their homes in East Delhi.

Back to seminar. From the second day and till day eight it was pure nectar. It is so nice to see ISKCON as an organisation growing and confronting issues it faces from both outside and more importantly within. One can see that ISKCON is benefiting  from a tremendous talent pool of  new wave of devotees.  I am told that this seminar may become compulsory for any one who wish to get initiated and after attending it I firmly agree to it.

I will try to write a summary of the 8 day summary of the seminar. I have the full booklet of the course with me, with notes, please feel free to ask for the same via courier or collect it if you stay near Gurgaon.


Day 1.