Dancing in front of Deities

Hare Krishna,

Srila Prabhupada dances in front of the Deities at ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, Lechmore Heath, Watford, UK. 1974.

Srila Prabhupada dances in front of the Deities at ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Manor, Lechmore Heath, Watford, UK. 1974.

In my initial years I used to wonder why, or even how, devotees dance after the morning Guru puja. I would place them as sentimental devotees, priding myself as the one who is here for the serious knowledge. I still remember, at Punjabi Bagh temple, some devotee would try to pull me in and I would reply with a lame shrug. Of course, I never danced in my whole life, was an introvert and on top of it I am gifted with two left feet.

Bewildered, one day I finally asked one senior devotees why do they dance ? I got the reply that dancing  is to please the Lord, that dancing in front of the Deities is recommended in the Vedas as well and is also part of bhakti. I was not convinced.

This changed over last 1 year. I slowly let go of my shyness to join in and my awkwardness about dancing steps and then came to a stage where I actually started to look forward to it and would happily jump in.

How much I have changed, I realised 2 week back, when at the Gurgaon centre, HG Haridas Thakur Prabhuji started a kirtan after the  morning Bhagavatam class. May be the prasadam was delayed or some other reason but I knew it was going to be a short kirtan.  After few minutes of listening I felt like dancing and not just dancing but jumping with joy. The kirtan was very melodious and Prabhuji always sings very well that but the surge in my heart was a new surprise, and shock, for me. In few seconds I felt that I would choke if I don’t start dancing immediately. I tried to stop myself as I could see everyone else was very nicely standing and clapping. I prayed let someone else start it and I looked around for any eye contact but to no avail. I had no idea how but I took the first step and then requested the devotees to join in, ever merciful, some devotees obliged and we dance for a few minutes.

Now at home or in most of the kirtans I always feel like dancing in front of the Lord, the feelings come like a big surge and I have to control myself to hold them, but mentally I dance and I dance – for the pleasure of the Lord  !

All glories to the most merciful Lord Jagannath.

All glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

2 thoughts on “Dancing in front of Deities

  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience and elucidative chronological incident in your life.

    I just want to add here, philosophically: why do we dance. We dance for the pleasure of lord. As Krishna is the supreme enjoyer, and we have to be enjoyed. We should keep Krishna at the centre all the time. In bhava, we dance because are totally lost in music and in the name of holy lord. The next level is we dance so wonderfully and with such grace that it makes Lord happy. If the bhava is for ourselves to enjoy, then progress is half done…If we dance for his pleasure, our dance bears fruit. Since everything needs perfection, be it bhakti, singing or dancing; we should strive to become better and better in each aspect of sadhana…

    Thank you so much prabhuji

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