A Pure Vaishanava


Hare Krishna.

I have always been more interested in philosophy in my journey of Krishna consciousness, though I started a liking for `kathaa’  in the last few months. Some time back I downloaded a 7 day Bhagavad Katha by HG Sarvabhouma Prabhuji and during a conversation with Karuna Prabhuji, Punjabi Bagh temple, I shared with him how much I relished it. It was  full of nectar. He agreed with me and asked me if I have heard lectures of HH Radha Govind Maharaj. I replied in negative and prabhuji advised me to listen to his lectures some time.

I downloaded the lectures the next day and, well what can I say ……..my spiritual life was never the same again.

Maharaj’s lecture blew me with his simple language and yet a very deep understanding of Krishna consciousness. Listening to Maharaj’s `vani’ increased my enthusiasm to hear ‘Kathaa’ a thousand percent. I have no interest in philosophy any more. For me everything is in the ‘kathaa’ only ! Within a week I downloaded more than 50% of Maharaj’s lectures and listen almost an hour everyday without fail. Every single word he says sinks deep inside my heart.

We can hear and download Maharaj’s lectures at


One of the series I listened in the begining  was Bhishma Stuti. For me Bhishama stuti was always more of  `Jnana’ and I used to be confused on the role played by Bhishma. I can’t describe in words what that `kathaa’ did to my heart. Each single word was full of `rasa’. I pay my mental obeisance to Maharaj almost everyday and thank all the devotees who have put so many of his lectures on Iskcondesiretree.

I am listening to Akrur milan for last some days and my admiration for Maharaj, my love for Krishna and all His associates grow multi fold after listening to him every new day, such is the power Maharaj’s words have on my soul.

I have not had the fortune to meet Maharaj personally. I hope to take his darshan in the month of Kartik at Vrindavan. But every time I listen to him , his picture comes right across my eyes, smiling, cracking jokes and distributing love of Krishna to every single soul who is listening him. Maharaj’s language, his style, his respect for Srila Prabhupada, his hold on Sankrit, deep understanding of so many previous acharaya’s commentaries and poems, Mahaprabhu’s Leela and most of all his love for Krishna comes right into our ears and then sit inside our heart. I now know what does it mean when someone say that two ears are insufficient.

I feel Maharaj is one of the Brajawasi who is narrating sweet Krishna tales to an assembled group of innocent villagers. I simply love him. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for being so generous on unfaithful people like me and turning us into lovers of Krishna. I pray that Maharaj continue to spread Krishna Katha, in good health,  for many many years to come.

All Glories to HH  Radha Govind Maharaj.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

Namamrita Seminar : Day 2,3 & 4

Hare Krishna.

The next three days were in complete bliss of Hari Nama and association of wonderful devotees.

Day 2: Maharaj touched the below topics

a. Role of japa in Bhakti and mechanical chanting.

b. Forgiveness and Humility

c. Preparing for 64 rounds of japa on day 3rd

Maharaj spoke how it is very important to do our japa early in the morning and we should try to fix a sitting place for the same. This place should not not offer any distractions while we are chanting our Japa. He also stressed that chanting in front of Tulasi Maharani brings additional potency into our chanting. He added that we should hear the sound and not our mind during Japa.

while preparing us for the 64 rounds the next day he gave a very important instruction that we should chant in a receivers mood and not in an achiever’s mood. This was a very important lesson for me as whenever I chant 64 rounds I mostly felt it in an achiever’s mood. I now know what was not correct in those rounds. This was like a personal instruction for me and I pray that I never forget it.

Then Maharaj spoke about another most important topic of Vaishnava Apradha and how it is the only Apradha which can not be countered by chanting. He spoke about recognising offences, how to beg forgiveness and benefits of forgiving and being forgiven. It was one of the most interesting topic of the day and generated maximum no. of questions.

Maharaj ended the day with encouraging words from Chaitanya Charitmrita and Nectar of Instructions, verse 5, purport.

Next day was for 64 rounds Japa and Maharaj advised everyone to get up early, as early as 2am, and start chanting.

Day 3 : I got up around 3.45am and got into chanting with a fresh mind and consciousness. Three days of association of devotees showed its benefit clearly. I reached the home where prog was being conducted around 7 am. I had completed more than one fourth of the rounds by that time. Inside everyone was sitting in circles in front of Tulasi Maharani and chanting seriously. We had a break for breakfast and more or less everyone did their Japa non stop. By 2 pm when we had a break for lunch prasadam almost everyone had completed their 64 rounds. The whole atmosphere remain charged with devotional energy. I am confident that had the session continued til evening many of the devotees would have crossed 100 rounds. Maharaj blessed everyone by leading with example as to what each of us is capable of doing and how important it is to chant in the association of devotees.

Day 4 : Maharaj started the day with a practical discussion about how we should always be grateful to the lord in whatever position we find ourselves and gave some practical advice on how to turn adverse happenings in our lives into  Krishna’s mercy. He finished this session with an exercise where everyone was to write ` What do we feel in our life where we feel ungrateful and what is Krishna trying to teach us , what is the lesson ?  This session proved be a very humbling experience.

The next session was to prepare for Sankalapa letter. We were to write a letter to Sri Nama Prabhu expressing gratitude towards Srila Prabhuapada, our spiritual master and the first person who introduced us to Krishna Consciousness. We were to complete the letter with a sankalapa /vow in relation to Japa. We all felt very charged up in Maharaj’s presence. I wrote a very long letter, which I will share some other time.

Maharaj then made each of us show our letter and vow to the Deities, Tulasi maharani and of course Maharaj. I knew I have stepped forward and agreed to do more in my Japa and I pray at the lotus feet of all the devotees and Maharaj that I am able to keep my vow.

In the end everyone sat together and shared their experience of the seminar. We were most thankful to Maharaj for taking time out for such a small batch of devotees and begged him to organise the level 2 of the seminar next year. Maharaj, ever merciful, agreed.

All Glories to all the devotees who attend the seminar.

All Glories to His Holiness Bhakti Brhat Bhagavad Swami Maharaja.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.