My prayers

Hare Krishna.


The first time I prayed with all my heart was when HG Sarvabhauma Prabhuji came to Punjabi Bagh temple and gave a lecture on atonement almost two years back. I used to feel a lot of guilt over my past karma and did not know how to get rid of them or ask forgiveness from all the people whom I hurt. All the past incidents would come into my thoughts as I would chant, it was getting difficult to chant. In the lecture Prabhuji mentioned that apart from our own lack of courage to face people and ask for forgiveness, we should also be careful that we don’t hurt them again by opening the old wounds and many a times people don’t see our bad intentions and don’t even know what transpired.  So he suggested a way around it. He told us that we can write all our past mistakes on a letter addressed to Krishna and ask  for forgiveness and a promise to not  repeat them. And later read the letter in front of the altar and again ask for forgiveness with all our heart . After completing it we should tear the lette and the guilt should go away. For me it was a message from Lord and it took me 3 days and many sheets of papers to write my past mistakes. As I wrote I was full of shame and surprised at what I did and wonder for what petty gains. So one morning I went to temple in the afternoon, read my whole letter to Krishna and Balrama and then tore the paper into pieces. It may sound unbelievable but all my guilt went away in less than a week and I could concentrate during my chanting.

Then another time was when I asked HG Rukmini Krishna Prabhuji that I am not able to find a Guru, I was completely blind that time with eyes anointed with ego, I feel ashamed to look back at my conversation. Prabhuji, all merciful,  listened to me patiently and then advised me to pray to Nityanand Prabhu and Lord Balram. I followed his instructions and started praying to Them. I met Guru Maharaj within few months. Hari Bol ! But I was, and still am, so ungrateful that  I didn’t thank any of my Lords. I thought it was all my good luck or my own enthusiasm which made it happen, more shame.

Third incident relates to my trip to Surat this year January to attend Brahma Samhita seminar by Guru Maharaj. I was most fortunate to share the room with HG Nanda Vraja Prabhuji from Auckland. We talked and discussed so many spiritual topics, I shared my concern on the slow progress my family in their devotional journey. He instructed me to recite Shad Goswami Ashtakam. He added that the six Goswami are most merciful and they will bless me to remove any impediments in my spiritual journey. I googled the ashtakam and found it had  difficult sanskrit words and I could not even recite it. I dropped the idea and forgot all about it once I came back home. Many months later,  I don’t remember what was the trigger, but I pulled myself to start reciting Shad Goswami Ashtakam every morning. Well, in next two months I could see the change which I would call nothing short of a miracle.

vande rupa-sanatanau raghu-yugau sri-jiva-gopalakau….. All glories to the six Goswamis.

All glories to the Wonderful institute of ISKCON and its glorious, and most merciful, devotees.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to Guru Maharaj.

Power of prayer


Hare Krishna.

I wrote in one of my previous blog that how I chant but do not pray to Lord so regularly.

Yesterday I was wondering why I pray so less. And this too when so many devotees   instructed me in the past to pray whenever I went to them with some difficulty in my spiritual progress. I had no clear answer. It is more bewildering when I look back and see that Srila Prabhupada, Lord Balarama, Guru Maharaj, whomsoever I prayed, those prayers have always been answered.

Few days back HG Chitralekha Devi Dasi Mataji sent me below mail. Mataji does a wonderful service by sending daily a pastime of Srila Prabhupada,  one can subscribe it at

Once, Srila Prabhupada gave a class at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in which he told the audience, “The difference between you and me is that you can fall down but I cannot fall down.” Later, after the class, Srila Prabhupada was praying in front of the deities, and one disciple asked him, “What were you praying?” And Srila Prabhupada replied, “I was praying that I may never fall down.” The disciple responded, “But in your talk you said that you can never fall down.” And Srila Prabhupada replied, “Yes, because I am always praying never to fall down, therefore I can never fall down.”

I could not keep these words from Srila Prabhupada’s away from my thoughts. Then I realised that this is the trick, to pray and pray continuously . I have to always depend on the mecry of senior Vaishanavas, acaryas and my Lord so I don’t fall. I realised it but didn’t put into practice.

Last Friday during at a prog at Sumeet Prabhhuji’s home I suggested a mataji that she should pray to Krishna. Later, I again thought why I am not praying so often, do I consider myself so advanced that I don’t need to pray. The answer was negative but it prodded me to start praying immediately, without any more delay or thinking.  It took association of devotees to finally get me started.

All Glories to merciful devotees !

I also realised that whole Srimad Bhagavatam is full of wonderful prayers and if those exalted devotees needed to pray then what chance do I have to progress in my devotional life without praying continuously. This process also helps me keep a check on my ego. I know that any progress in my material and spiritual life is due to mercy and not by own efforts.

Due to the mercy of Guru Maharaj,  Srila Prabhupada and association of devotees, I have started to pray regularly and I pray at the feet of all the vaishanava to please bless me that I never forget to pray.

I will share some of my experiences of praying in my next blog.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga.

Natural is healthy and free, well almost.


Hare Krishna.

When Guru Maharaj stayed with us last month he left a packet behind, it was already opened and when I took it out,  it had neem twigs. I reminded him of the packet after 2 days and he said he deliberately left them as  they were too hard for his gums. With a strange bit of coincidence I had received a mail mentioning Srila Prabhupada asking one of the devotees to get his some twigs from a tree during one of his pastimes in USA and spoke about using twigs from eucalyptus, mango and even birch trees to clean his teeth. Something kindled inside me to tell that this is too much of a coincidence and I decided to  take it up. Over the years my teeth had turned pale yellow and whenever I would request my dentist to to polish them he would scoff at the suggestion and tell me that polishing damages teeth’s enamel and not to try it.

Next morning I took one big twig and brushed my teeth with it. It was like brushing with a hard tooth brush, my gums bled a little as I tried too hard scrubbing my teeth.  Once done I asked my wife and she told me that there is a visible difference, this was day one.  Enthused, next few days I got a hang of how to brush it with the softer twigs and go easy on the scrubing. Result : White teeth, and the mouth feels fresh hours after. I am hooked on to them forever.

Second activity is my hair.  I used to put an Aloevera gel after bath to set my hair and over a period of time I knew it didn’t work well till evening and then the salon person suggested a spray with natural ingredients, using it made my hair full of dandruff. One day Anand Prabhuji was at my home and he asked for coconut oil and when I gave him he rubbed a little on his hair, as he rubbed it he told me that using oil is good for the hair. I just smiled wondering it had been decades since I used oil on my head except for an occasional head massage.  When the neem twigs worked like a magic on my teeth, I somehow  remembered that conversation and started using coconut oil after bath on my hair. Within 2 weeks all my issues with hair are gone, no dandruff, the hair are set till evening and no one has yet complained that I smell of coconut !

Lastly, I had a bout of bacterial infection in my throat few weeks back and Atma Prabhuji suggested that I should have not started anti biotics and should try  neem capsules. He told me not to buy commercial ones as the capsules contain gelatin. He was kind enough to lend a bottle of capsules from his own stock. On the second day my throat was 60% normal, though I had continued my anti biotic dose. But now me,  my wife and my daughter are taking two capsules every day. This will be a long term benefit and would only the difference after 6-8 months. 

I realised that using these simple natural products not only I benefited health wise but they also cost me almost nothing compared to what I was using. I only had to overcome my own inhibitions built up over years.

I request readers to kindly share their experience of using natural products.

Sri Radha Raman


Hare Krishna.

sometime in 2012

I had heard about Radha Ramanji temple many a times before and also seen His beautiful poster in the home of HG Radheshyam Prabhuji. There was a big curiosity in my heart to take His darshan.

Usually whenever I go to Vrindavan, my only home is Krishna Balram temple. I have been to Bankebihari temple a couple of times and took darshan of the beautiful Lord there but the whole rush of people and pushing & shoving doesn’t inspire me to go there regularly. So I am always happily situated within the ISKCON temple premises. In fact I have not been to any other temple in Vrindavan till that time in 2012.

This particular time, while I was in Vrindavan, I requested HG Vrajamohan Prabhuji to take me to Radha Ramanji temple and he kindly obliged.

We reached the temple in the evening. The outside surroundings were comparatively quieter than the normal hustle and bustle of Vrindavan.


Prabhuji told me how this particular Deity manifested on its own from the Shaligram Shila of one of the six Goswami, Gopal Bhatt Goswami. By a sheer coincidence, today is His appearance day.


Sri Gopal Bhatt Goswami ji Ki Jai !


Samadhi of Sri Gopal Bhatt Goswami inside Sri Radha Raman temple, Vrindavana

There were monkeys all around us , I had to remove my glasses, we entered the temple premises and first paid obeisances at his samadhi from outside the room.

Then we entered the temple compound. The darshan was closed and  it was very quiet, there was hardly any devotee inside. I sat down and the only thought which came to my mind was to chant. I sat in the compound and chanted and chanted. They were one of my best chanting rounds ever as I chanted only for the pleasure of  Sri Radha Raman. After some time one devotee started dancing in Indian classical style in the temple compound, no music, no beats, she was busy dancing for the Lord. Then I heard a very soft kirtan being done in another corner of the compound in local dialect. It was a transcendental atmosphere.


file picture of temple compound

After 40-45 minutes there was a sudden commotion, ringing of bells, and I knew that darshan have opened and Sri Radha Ramanji is ready to meet the devotees. I opened my eyes and looked around, the compound was full of devotees. As I got up and raised my head to see my Lord, my first reaction was that the He is so small, somehow I had imagined the Deity as life-sized but He was very small and so so very beautiful and with a very mystical smile on his sweet face. As I inched closer I was completely lost in is His sheer beauty. I saw one devotee using a binocular to see the Deity, Prabhu ji told me that if we were observe Him closely we can even see His teeth and devotees try to see His teeth using binoculars !

After initial jostling the crowd thinned out and I could stand comfortably and drink the nectar of Sri Radha Ramanji’s beauty with my eyes. After a short pooja, I saw the priest brought many small earthen pots. I found that it was Maha Prasadam . We took two pots and came out after paying our obeisances. I had to remove my glasses again. As stood in a corner, honouring the delicious prasadam, a monkey came like a flash and tried to pull the bags in my hand.  I could not see very well without my glasses but I held on to everything in my hands. The monkey took some prasadam, not the whole  bowl, gave his mercy in the form of a deep scratch at the back of my cellphone cover and then went away as fast as he came.  I took it as a mercy by one of the `Dham wasi’. We then walked back with the one of the most beautiful forms of the Lord etched deep inside my heart.

As I write I am telling myself to have darshan of Sri Radha Ramanji when I visit Vrindavan Dham next time, I promise myself that I would.

We can read more about the pastimes of Gopal Bhatt Goswami and the manifestation of Radha Ramanji in a detail at


Sri Radha Raman Hari Bol. Sri Radha Raman Hari Bol !

Janmashtami celebrations 2013

Hare Krishna.

Janmashtami celebrations 2013: What a wonderful and joyous day to look forward to.

I got up around 3 am and rushed to attend the Mangal arti at Punjabi Bagh temple. At 4.30 am the whole road  was full of neatly parked cars. There were devotees assisting  the drivers. The queue outside the temple was already long. By Krishna’s mercy I could enter from the exit gate and then a devotee put me in the crowd control service. In minutes I was standing right outside the temple hall from where my eyes could take darshan of the Lord’s feet.  Altar was glowing with flowers and decorations. The Deities looked so beautiful, specially Lord Jagannath seemed to be basking in glory. HG Rukmini  led the morning Arti with so much devotional force, he seemed spiritually charged up. Everyone was participating enthusiastically in sankirtana. I wished this would just go on and on.

After the aarti, I tried to do preaching seva, was not successful with no conversion for the seven day seminar registration. I then did my japa rounds. And then Guru Puja was led my dear friend HG Karuna Prabhuji, who got a special gift to start wearing saffron from today.

HG Karuna Prabhuji Ki Jaya.

After the Guru puja, our team was preaching inside the complex and I finally got the first booking, then the second and third quickly followed. My confidence went up and I pushed other team members to do more.  All my stereotype notions about people  turned 180 degree as I approached people for registration. HG Bimpla Prasad Prabhuji encouraged us with his presence and guidance.

I left for Gurgaon in the afternoon, slept for two hours and then went to Gymkhana grounds for service at celebrations in Gurgaon. It is was at a grand scale. I did some service at the BTG stall, learning how to sell the subscription of Back to Godhead magazine. I realised that I forgot to call Sumeet prabhuji, who was in Australia,  as I had offered to take his children out for darshan.

I left with Pawan Prabhuji, who graciously agreed to accompany me, for home to set up my first stall in my apartment complex at 8 pm. We set up the stall and apart from book distribution tried to start a Bhagavad Gita study group at my home. Pawan Prabhu helped me a lot by teaching me, by practice, on how to get the attention of the people and get over my hesitation to approach strangers. I had made up my mind that I will start the group even with a single devotee. Krishna was merciful and I got around 20 people interested to join the group, my first go to start preaching. Pawan prabhuju left to do service at the centre and then my amused daughter joined me for the last one hour at the table. I was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm of some of the people who registered for the group.

I wrapped up the stall around 11.15 pm and went home,  Priti was watching live action from  both Vrindavan live and It was festival time all around with loud sankirtana and abhisheka. She had dressed the deities at home with new dresses and the altar looked beautiful with long stemmed flowers.   We did kirtan for the last 15 minutes and then a rousing celebration for the Lord at 12. We offered Bhoga to our Lord with love and affection. I had a sumptuous prasadam later. Subir Prabhuji’s SMS came to wish happy Janamashtami and I finally slept around 1 pm with memories of Lord Krishna in my heart.

कृष्णाय वासुदेवाय देवकी नन्दनाय च ।
नन्दगोप कुमाराय गोविन्दाय नमो नमः

Let me therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto the Lord, who has become the son of Vasudeva, the pleasure of Devaki, the boy of Nanda and the other cowherdmen of Vrindavana, and the enlivener of the cows and the senses.

All Glories to Guru Maharaja.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

My love affair with Lord Jagannath


Hare Krishna.

This was 2011.  I had started going to Punjabi Bagh temple. I used to be very surprised to see a very different looking set of deities. They were Lord Jagannath, Baldeva and Subhdra Maharani. In my immaturity I didn’t pay much attention to Them and almost smiled at the unique shape of Their bodies, while paying my full attention to Sri Krishna Balaram deities.

Lord Jagannath  is most merciful, within few months I was head over heals in love with Him.  I heard about Him in lectures by various senior Vaishnavas at temple like  HG Rukmini Krishna Prabhuji and HG Madhvanand Prabhu and many others, my inquisitiveness arose to new levels. Then inspite of a word of caution to bring deities home at my immature stage, I  brought the Lordships home at Janamashtami from Vrindavana.

Jagannathah svami nayana-patha-gami bhavatu me

And then it was time to meet the Lord at His holy Dham. My first trip to Puri, in 2011 was a memorable trip etched firmly in my memory. We took the morning flight to Bhubaneshwar from Delhi and reached Puri in the afternoon.  One `local panda’ found us at the parking lot and `guided’ us throughout our stay. The temple looked so majestic, the main wide road, washing of the feet, the entrance door all made me more excited to see the Lord immediately. The  crowd wasn’t much that day and after a little while of waiting we bought the tickets and stood in the line. After 10 minutes of jostling with the crowd we were about to enter the altar doors. We first took darshan of Sri Lordships from a little distance and were then allowed to go inside the main room.  At the altar the Lord was sitting royally. The setting was nothing I had imagined. I wish there were not so many `panda’s asking for donation’, I tried to keep my concentration on Lord  and after circumambulating I did full dandavat. I cried while doing full dandvats, within my heart I felt a combination of awe and humbleness being right in front of the Lord. I would never forget that moment.

We went again in 2012 and then in 2013, immediately after my initiation, with Sumeet Prabhuji. Each trip brings me closer to the Lord of the universe and inspire me to serve Him. I try to read more about Lord Jagannath, hear about Him from senior devotees and try to serve Him at our home with much love and affection. He is the lord of my heart. He is the most handsome.  He is `patita pavana’ and showers His mercy even on the lowest of the fallen souls.

He is all around me, at home, at Punjabi Bagh temple, at Ujjain, at Mayapur, at Gurgaon centre, the Lord continues to shower His mercy on all of us who love Him so dearly.

jaya Jagannath, jaya Jagannath, jaya Baldeva, jaya Subhadhara.

श्री जगन्नाथाष्टकम्
Śrī Jagannāthāṣṭakam

कदाचित् कालिन्दी तट विपिन सङ्गीत तरलो
मुदाभीरी नारी वदन कमला स्वाद मधुपः
रमा शम्भु ब्रह्मामरपति गणेशार्चित पदो
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन पथ गामी भवतु मे ॥१॥

Who sometimes fervently plays His flute on the banks of the Yamuna river in Sri Vrindavana, who is like a bumblebee that blissfully tastes the lotus faces of the Vraja-gopis, and whose feet are worshipped by great personalities such as Laksmi, Shiva, Brahma, Indra, and Ganesha — may that Sri Jagannatha-deva be the object of my vision.

भुजे सव्ये वेणुं शिरसि शिखिपिच्छं कटितटे
दुकूलं नेत्रान्ते सहचर-कटाक्षं विदधते ।
सदा श्रीमद्‍-वृन्दावन-वसति-लीला-परिचयो
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन-पथ-गामी भवतु मे ॥२॥

 on His head and a fine yellow silken cloth around His hips, who from the corners of His eyes bestows loving sidelong glances upon His companions, and who is forever known as the one who performs wondrous pastimes in the divine abode of Sri Vrindavana — may that Sri Jagannatha-deva be the object of my vision.

महाम्भोधेस्तीरे कनक रुचिरे नील शिखरे
वसन् प्रासादान्तः सहज बलभद्रेण बलिना ।
सुभद्रा मध्यस्थः सकलसुर सेवावसरदो
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन-पथ-गामी भवतु मे ॥३॥

Who on the shore of the great ocean resides in a palace situated on the gold-like crest of Nilachala Hill accompanied by His powerful brother Baladevaji and between Them, His sister Subhadra, and who bestows the opportunity to serve Him upon all the demigods — may that Sri Jagannatha-deva be the object of my vision.

कृपा पारावारः सजल जलद श्रेणिरुचिरो
रमा वाणी रामः स्फुरद् अमल पङ्केरुहमुखः ।
सुरेन्द्रैर् आराध्यः श्रुतिगण शिखा गीत चरितो
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन पथ गामी भवतु मे ॥४॥

Who is an ocean of mercy, whose bodily complexion is as beautiful as a row of blackish rainclouds, who sports with Laksmi-devi and Sarasvati, whose face is like a spotless fully-blossomed lotus, who is worshipped by the foremost demigods, and whose transcendental glories have been sung in the topmost scriptures — may that Sri Jagannatha-deva be the object of my vision.

रथारूढो गच्छन् पथि मिलित भूदेव पटलैः
स्तुति प्रादुर्भावम् प्रतिपदमुपाकर्ण्य सदयः ।
दया सिन्धुर्बन्धुः सकल जगतां सिन्धु सुतया
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन पथ गामी भवतु मे ॥५॥

When Jagannatha’s Ratha-yatra cart is moving along the road, at every step assemblies of brahmanas sing His praises. Upon hearing them, Jagannatha, being an ocean of mercy and the true friend of all the worlds, becomes favourably disposed towards them — may that Sri Jagannatha-deva be the object of my vision.

परंब्रह्मापीड़ः कुवलय-दलोत्‍फुल्ल-नयनो
निवासी नीलाद्रौ निहित-चरणोऽनन्त-शिरसि ।
रसानन्दी राधा-सरस-वपुरालिङ्गन-सुखो
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन-पथगामी भवतु मे ॥६॥

Who is the crown-jewel of transcendence, whose eyes are like the petals of a fully-opened blue lotus, who resides at Nilachala, whose feet are placed on the head of Sesa, who is blissfully immersed in bhakti-rasa, and who derives happiness from embracing the rasa-laden body of Srimati Radhika — may that Sri Jagannatha-deva be the object of my vision.

न वै याचे राज्यं न च कनक माणिक्य विभवं
न याचेऽहं रम्यां सकल जन काम्यां वरवधूम् ।
सदा काले काले प्रमथ पतिना गीतचरितो
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन पथ गामी भवतु मे ॥७॥

I do not pray to Jagannatha for a kingdom, nor for gold, jewels, wealth, or even for a beautiful wife as desired by all men. My only prayer is that Sri Jagannatha-deva, whose splendid glories are always sung by Shiva, be the constant object of my vision.

हर त्वं संसारं द्रुततरम् असारं सुरपते
हर त्वं पापानां विततिम् अपरां यादवपते ।
अहो दीनेऽनाथे निहित चरणो निश्चितमिदं
जगन्नाथः स्वामी नयन पथ गामी भवतु मे ॥८॥

O master of the demigods! Quickly deliver me from this worthless worldly existence. O Lord of the Yadus! Purge me of my limitless host of sins. Aho! You have promised to bestow Your feet upon the fallen and shelterless — O Jagannatha Swami, please be the object of my vision.

जगन्नाथाष्टकं पुन्यं यः पठेत् प्रयतः शुचिः ।
सर्वपाप विशुद्धात्मा विष्णुलोकं स गच्छति ॥९॥

One who carefully recites this sacred Jagannathastakam, upon becoming sinless and purehearted, will attain entrance into Vishnuloka.


All Glories to Guru Maharaja.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

Sri Radha Kund trip


Hare Krishna.

It was my first trip to  Sri Radha Kund almost 2 years back. Devotees from Gurgaon sangha had kindly invited me there for a lecture next day. Till then Vrindavan for me was sri Krishna Balram temple. I left Gurgaon late afternoon with my driver. It was Kartik and  a lot of traffic from the moment we took right from the old Govardhan turn on the highway. The approach road full of all kind of vehicles. When we reached the edge of the parikarma marg, there was a huge rush of people. This was the first time that I saw so many people doing parikarma while lying down on the road, everyone was doing parikarma. It took us a while to convince to police constables to allow us to drive till our ashram which was a stone’s throw from the turn. We drove in first gear amid a mass of people all around us and reached the Ashram.

We reached ashram around 11pm, it was dark and quiet, inspite of lights at parikarma road and so many people. Two devotees, Subir Prabhu and Gaurav  Prabhu, who guided us for each turn on our way on phone, had to finally  walk out of the ashram to show us the last turn.  I met them for the first time but they, especially Subir Prabhu, would leave the mark of their hospitality, humbleness, enthusiasm for service, hunger to learn and many more positive aspects and will eventually grant me their friendship and association for the rest of my life.  They served us dinner showed us our room.

This was probably the first time in last 30 years that I slept in a room with no electricity. It was not uncomfortable and I had a good sleep.

I woke up refreshed next morning and quickly got ready. When I came out of the room I realised that I am in altogether in a different world. There was absolute silence, I could hear someone chanting. As I stepped outside the ashram, the area was so different, it was lush green, serene, very tall trees and I could hear so many peacocks.  It was indeed very different from main Vrindavan, with all its hustle and bustle. I fell in love with this magical place at that very moment, which I would realise later. My attachment for Sri Radha Kunda began, and I had yet to see Sri Govardhan and Sri Radha Kunda.

Later we had an informal class by prabhuji, some Vaishanava visited the ashram and blessed us with his mere presence, and then finally the trip to Radha Kunda for a bath. We were told how to approach Radha Kunda before stepping in, we all paid our obeisances and then I entered, with all the respect and awe, what seemed to me, its mysterious waters. It may sound like a cliche to say something happened,  well indeed, it did. It was as if someone has sprinkled sacred water on my head and my whole body had entered something esoteric, beyond my level of understanding. I could feel the sensation, like my body has gone inside liquid mercury, the water touched me but in a way it did not touch me.

Radha Kunda is a magical place for me where my devotion and love for goes a level higher without any contamination, I always feel a tinge of genuine humbleness and gratitude inside me. I get a taste of what to aspire for.

A hundred obeisances to Radha Kunda.

Jaya Jaya Sri Radha Kunda Ki Jaya

Sri Shyam Kunda ki Jaya

I just read Sri Radha Kunda Astaka by Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami which I am copying below with all humbleness.

Eight Prayers Glorifying Radhakunda

vrsabha danuja nasan narma dharmokti rangair
nikhila nija sakhibhir yat sva hastena purnam
prakatitam api vrndaranya rajna pramodais
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, which, prodded by the gopis’ many joking words after Vrsabhasura’s death, the king of Vrndavana forest happily built and filled with His own hand, be my shelter.

vraja bhavi mura satroh preyasinam nikamair
asulabham api turnam prema kalpa drumam tam
janayati hrdi bhumau snatur uccair priyam yat
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very dear and fragrant Radhakunda, which for one who bathes in it immediately creates in the land of the heart a desire tree of pure love rare even among the gopi beloveds of Lord Krishna in Vraja, be my shelter.

agha ripur api yatnad atra devyah prasada
prasara krta kataksa prapti kamah prakamam
anusarati yad uccaih snana sevanubandhais
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very dear and fragrant Radhakunda, where, yearning to attain the merciful sidelong glance of His queen, Lord Krishna, diligently follows Her bathing attendants, be my shelter.

vraja bhuvana sudhamsoh prema bhumir nikamam
vraja madhura kisori mauli ratna priyeva
paricitam api namna yac ca tenaiva tasyas
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, which is named after a girl who is a realm of love for He who is the moon of Vraja, a girl who is like the most precious jewel in the crown of the sweet girls of Vraja, be my shelter.

api jana iha kascid yasya seva prasadaih
pranaya sura lata syat tasya gosthendra sunoh
sapadi kila mad isa dasya puspa prasasya
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

The mercy obtained by serving Radhakunda makes the celestial vine of pure love for the prince of Vraja, which is famous for bearing the flowers of service to my queen, sprout. May that very fragrant Radhakunda be my shelter.

tata madhura nikunjah klpta namana uccair
nija parijana vargaih samvibhaj yasritas taih
madhukara ruta ramya yasya rajanti kamyas
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, on the shores of which are many splendid and charming forest groves filled with the sweet sounds of bumblebees and each named after one of Sri Radha’s friends, be my shelter.

tata bhuvi vara vedyam yasya narmati hrdyam
madhura madhura vartam gostha candrasya bhangya
prathayati mitha isa prana sakhyalibhih sa
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, on the shore of which, in a pleasant courtyard Queen Radha and Her friends sweetly joke with Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, be my shelter.

anudinam ati rangaih prema mattali sanghair
vara sarasija gandhair hari vari prapurne
viharata iha yasmin dam pati tau pramattau
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, where the passionate divine couple daily plays with Their passionate friends in the charming lotus scented water, be my shelter.

avikalam ati devyas caru kundastakam yah
paripathati tadiyollasi dasyarpitatma
aciram iha sarire darsayaty eva tasmai
madhu ripur ati modaih slisyamanam priyam tam

To one who is completely dedicated to Queen Radha’s service and who happily reads these eight beautiful verses describing Her lake, even in this present body Lord Krishna shows His beloved as He happily embraces

All Glories to Guru Maharaja.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.