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Hare Krishna.

It was my first trip to  Sri Radha Kund almost 2 years back. Devotees from Gurgaon sangha had kindly invited me there for a lecture next day. Till then Vrindavan for me was sri Krishna Balram temple. I left Gurgaon late afternoon with my driver. It was Kartik and  a lot of traffic from the moment we took right from the old Govardhan turn on the highway. The approach road full of all kind of vehicles. When we reached the edge of the parikarma marg, there was a huge rush of people. This was the first time that I saw so many people doing parikarma while lying down on the road, everyone was doing parikarma. It took us a while to convince to police constables to allow us to drive till our ashram which was a stone’s throw from the turn. We drove in first gear amid a mass of people all around us and reached the Ashram.

We reached ashram around 11pm, it was dark and quiet, inspite of lights at parikarma road and so many people. Two devotees, Subir Prabhu and Gaurav  Prabhu, who guided us for each turn on our way on phone, had to finally  walk out of the ashram to show us the last turn.  I met them for the first time but they, especially Subir Prabhu, would leave the mark of their hospitality, humbleness, enthusiasm for service, hunger to learn and many more positive aspects and will eventually grant me their friendship and association for the rest of my life.  They served us dinner showed us our room.

This was probably the first time in last 30 years that I slept in a room with no electricity. It was not uncomfortable and I had a good sleep.

I woke up refreshed next morning and quickly got ready. When I came out of the room I realised that I am in altogether in a different world. There was absolute silence, I could hear someone chanting. As I stepped outside the ashram, the area was so different, it was lush green, serene, very tall trees and I could hear so many peacocks.  It was indeed very different from main Vrindavan, with all its hustle and bustle. I fell in love with this magical place at that very moment, which I would realise later. My attachment for Sri Radha Kunda began, and I had yet to see Sri Govardhan and Sri Radha Kunda.

Later we had an informal class by prabhuji, some Vaishanava visited the ashram and blessed us with his mere presence, and then finally the trip to Radha Kunda for a bath. We were told how to approach Radha Kunda before stepping in, we all paid our obeisances and then I entered, with all the respect and awe, what seemed to me, its mysterious waters. It may sound like a cliche to say something happened,  well indeed, it did. It was as if someone has sprinkled sacred water on my head and my whole body had entered something esoteric, beyond my level of understanding. I could feel the sensation, like my body has gone inside liquid mercury, the water touched me but in a way it did not touch me.

Radha Kunda is a magical place for me where my devotion and love for goes a level higher without any contamination, I always feel a tinge of genuine humbleness and gratitude inside me. I get a taste of what to aspire for.

A hundred obeisances to Radha Kunda.

Jaya Jaya Sri Radha Kunda Ki Jaya

Sri Shyam Kunda ki Jaya

I just read Sri Radha Kunda Astaka by Srila Raghunatha Dasa Goswami which I am copying below with all humbleness.

Eight Prayers Glorifying Radhakunda

vrsabha danuja nasan narma dharmokti rangair
nikhila nija sakhibhir yat sva hastena purnam
prakatitam api vrndaranya rajna pramodais
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, which, prodded by the gopis’ many joking words after Vrsabhasura’s death, the king of Vrndavana forest happily built and filled with His own hand, be my shelter.

vraja bhavi mura satroh preyasinam nikamair
asulabham api turnam prema kalpa drumam tam
janayati hrdi bhumau snatur uccair priyam yat
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very dear and fragrant Radhakunda, which for one who bathes in it immediately creates in the land of the heart a desire tree of pure love rare even among the gopi beloveds of Lord Krishna in Vraja, be my shelter.

agha ripur api yatnad atra devyah prasada
prasara krta kataksa prapti kamah prakamam
anusarati yad uccaih snana sevanubandhais
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very dear and fragrant Radhakunda, where, yearning to attain the merciful sidelong glance of His queen, Lord Krishna, diligently follows Her bathing attendants, be my shelter.

vraja bhuvana sudhamsoh prema bhumir nikamam
vraja madhura kisori mauli ratna priyeva
paricitam api namna yac ca tenaiva tasyas
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, which is named after a girl who is a realm of love for He who is the moon of Vraja, a girl who is like the most precious jewel in the crown of the sweet girls of Vraja, be my shelter.

api jana iha kascid yasya seva prasadaih
pranaya sura lata syat tasya gosthendra sunoh
sapadi kila mad isa dasya puspa prasasya
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

The mercy obtained by serving Radhakunda makes the celestial vine of pure love for the prince of Vraja, which is famous for bearing the flowers of service to my queen, sprout. May that very fragrant Radhakunda be my shelter.

tata madhura nikunjah klpta namana uccair
nija parijana vargaih samvibhaj yasritas taih
madhukara ruta ramya yasya rajanti kamyas
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, on the shores of which are many splendid and charming forest groves filled with the sweet sounds of bumblebees and each named after one of Sri Radha’s friends, be my shelter.

tata bhuvi vara vedyam yasya narmati hrdyam
madhura madhura vartam gostha candrasya bhangya
prathayati mitha isa prana sakhyalibhih sa
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, on the shore of which, in a pleasant courtyard Queen Radha and Her friends sweetly joke with Lord Krishna, the moon of Vraja, be my shelter.

anudinam ati rangaih prema mattali sanghair
vara sarasija gandhair hari vari prapurne
viharata iha yasmin dam pati tau pramattau
tad ati surabhi radhakundam evasrayo me

May very fragrant Radhakunda, where the passionate divine couple daily plays with Their passionate friends in the charming lotus scented water, be my shelter.

avikalam ati devyas caru kundastakam yah
paripathati tadiyollasi dasyarpitatma
aciram iha sarire darsayaty eva tasmai
madhu ripur ati modaih slisyamanam priyam tam

To one who is completely dedicated to Queen Radha’s service and who happily reads these eight beautiful verses describing Her lake, even in this present body Lord Krishna shows His beloved as He happily embraces

All Glories to Guru Maharaja.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

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