Natural is healthy and free, well almost.


Hare Krishna.

When Guru Maharaj stayed with us last month he left a packet behind, it was already opened and when I took it out,  it had neem twigs. I reminded him of the packet after 2 days and he said he deliberately left them as  they were too hard for his gums. With a strange bit of coincidence I had received a mail mentioning Srila Prabhupada asking one of the devotees to get his some twigs from a tree during one of his pastimes in USA and spoke about using twigs from eucalyptus, mango and even birch trees to clean his teeth. Something kindled inside me to tell that this is too much of a coincidence and I decided to  take it up. Over the years my teeth had turned pale yellow and whenever I would request my dentist to to polish them he would scoff at the suggestion and tell me that polishing damages teeth’s enamel and not to try it.

Next morning I took one big twig and brushed my teeth with it. It was like brushing with a hard tooth brush, my gums bled a little as I tried too hard scrubbing my teeth.  Once done I asked my wife and she told me that there is a visible difference, this was day one.  Enthused, next few days I got a hang of how to brush it with the softer twigs and go easy on the scrubing. Result : White teeth, and the mouth feels fresh hours after. I am hooked on to them forever.

Second activity is my hair.  I used to put an Aloevera gel after bath to set my hair and over a period of time I knew it didn’t work well till evening and then the salon person suggested a spray with natural ingredients, using it made my hair full of dandruff. One day Anand Prabhuji was at my home and he asked for coconut oil and when I gave him he rubbed a little on his hair, as he rubbed it he told me that using oil is good for the hair. I just smiled wondering it had been decades since I used oil on my head except for an occasional head massage.  When the neem twigs worked like a magic on my teeth, I somehow  remembered that conversation and started using coconut oil after bath on my hair. Within 2 weeks all my issues with hair are gone, no dandruff, the hair are set till evening and no one has yet complained that I smell of coconut !

Lastly, I had a bout of bacterial infection in my throat few weeks back and Atma Prabhuji suggested that I should have not started anti biotics and should try  neem capsules. He told me not to buy commercial ones as the capsules contain gelatin. He was kind enough to lend a bottle of capsules from his own stock. On the second day my throat was 60% normal, though I had continued my anti biotic dose. But now me,  my wife and my daughter are taking two capsules every day. This will be a long term benefit and would only the difference after 6-8 months. 

I realised that using these simple natural products not only I benefited health wise but they also cost me almost nothing compared to what I was using. I only had to overcome my own inhibitions built up over years.

I request readers to kindly share their experience of using natural products.