My realisation at Sri Krishna Balram temple, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi.

Hare Krishna.

28th November.

I went to Punjabi Bagh temple and reached around 9 am to meet HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj and follow his desire to meet Mukul Prabhu.

When I reached the temple Maharaj was giving the lecture with the emphasis on Book distribution and that marathon had started and we all need to pull ourselves to meet the target for this year. It was the same message has last year and yet every word felt charged up with a transcendental potency. The temple was completely packed inside and outside too devotees covered almost all the verandah. I was surprised that a very comfortable sitting place was vacant and as I sat down I realised why no one else was sitting there. There was no view of Maharaj from there ! That’s why this space was empty. As I looked around for a better area to sit I realised that devotees had already taken up most of the places from where Maharaj could be seen and heard. I looked around for a second and then thought that instead of moving around and disturbing everyone in the process let me sit at this place only and hear with concentration.

Here is the shot from my phone from where I was sitting in the temple, I was sitting on the raised platform behind these folding glass door. I will share now why I took this picture.


1. My first realsiation : As I sat listing to Maharaj I realised that my concentration was almost 100%, near perfect. I realised that it was so because I knew I can’t see Maharaj and hence I tuned my concentration to full so that I don’t miss a single word. In fact after few minutes it was as if I am seeing him through my ears. I can’t explain it but I saw no difference in whether I could see Maharaj or not. I realised the importance of Shravanam or listening with concentration and that if  I listen with concentration then I could be with the speaker irrespective of whether the speaker is front of me or not.

2. Second realisation : Twenty five minutes into the lecture another magic happened. I could see suddenly see Maharaj through the glass. Why I could not see Maharaj earlier was due to angle of the glass and reflections of devotees sitting outside. Now suddenly due to some change in angle of the devotees or sunlight or some other reason I could see Maharaj clearly with no one between us. I rubbed my eyes thinking am I imagining him but the image stayed, I was so very happy to see him, as if I have won some jackpot just by seeing him or I am seeing him from the first time or someone who is very far suddenly comes so near.  His visual went away after 10-15 seconds and it was back to reflections of devotees in the glass. I was agitated, I missed seeing him so directly in front of me. I tried to see him again but no matter how frustrated I felt or how much I shifted my sitting posture and stance or try to squint my eyes I could not see him. His vision was gone. I had no other option but to go back again to listening to Maharaj with rapt attention but now with a added bonus of this unique experience of having see him through the glass. It was different then when I was seeing him before I could see him. He was there and yet not there, a unique feeling which I can’t describe due to my poor vocabulary.

I later realised that this is how, of course on an altogether different level, Narad ji would have felt when he first saw Lord Krishna and then how he would have felt as Lord went away from Narad ji’s vision (SB 1.6.19). I could never understand this feeling when I read this verse almost an year back but today I could experience it ! Of course my level of realisation and taste is too small yet I know this unique feeling now.

All glories to the never ending mercy of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

Later I took darshan of Maharaj and introduced Mukul Prabhu to him as the person who introduced me to Krishna Consciousness. Maharaj commented that he should have given my example during the class today that how by just getting copy of Bhagavad Gita changed my life. He then turned to Mukul and told him that he wanted to meet him and thank him and then he said he is thankful to him to give a copy of Bhagavad Gita to me.

I had assumed that Maharaj wanted to meet Mukul Prabhu to probably push him for book distribution or engage him in some other service as I had told Maharaj how he is a financial expert and also a very good devotee who has turned almost all his clients into devotees. But Maharaj just said thank you to him. At first I thought, that’s it ! nothing else ? No instructions or request ? After ten seconds I was completely bowled over by Maharaj’s humble attitude in desiring to thank an unknown person who changed an unknown materialist’s person life.

From the bottom of my heart I wish I can cry at Maharaj’s lotus feet and rub my eyes at the soil under his shoes so that I can get 0.0001% of his humbleness and simplicity of heart. I met HG Karuna Prabhu outside the temple for few minutes and shared with him that how I feel as if slapped again and again as I see what is the benchmark senior devotees like Maharaj set for us. I pray that whenever I think I have now become humbled I should remember Maharaj.

I pray and hope that some day I am able to serve Maharaj in a capacity which he likes. I am head over heels in love with Maharaj.

All glories to the ever merciful and softhearted Gaudia Vaishanavas.

All glories to the wonderful Krishna Balram temple where I get so many realisations.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

Causeless Mercy

Hare Krishna.

25th November.

I got a call in the evening from HG Achyut Hari Prabhu ji that HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj will be visiting  Gurgaon tomorrow and he may visit my home !! Hari Bol ! I could not believe my good fortune. I shared the same with HG Rukmini Prabhuji after the seminar, he too was surprised and very happy for me. I told him for me `he may come’ has done the job and as far I am concerned he has come.

26th November

I was waiting for the confirmation and also tried to push the labour to clean the living room as we were still a week away from shifting in the new apartment. Finally HG Achyut Hari Prabhu ji called up and confirmed that Maharaj will be visiting my home around 5.30pm before his lecture at the centre. My happiness knew no bounds, I thanked Prabhuji profusely and then came home early from office to arrange for everything. The apartment was in a mess as it was in the final stage of handover but by Krishna’s grace we could clean the living room and make space for few devotees to sit comfortably.  We decorated the entrance with diyas and flowers, it was another Diwali for me.

Maharaj came around 6 pm and I just melted in his presence as I could not believe my good fortune of hosting him. I paid thousand obeisances to HG Vidur Priya Prabhuji for arranging it. Maharaj came upstairs in our new apartment and blessed it with his lotus feet. He spent close to 35 minutes with us, some senior devotees too came for his darshan. He asked about my spiritual journey and how I came in Krishna consciousness and he desired to meet Mukul Prabhu who first introduced me to Krishna Consciousness. Maharaj said that he will be in Punjabi Bagh temple on 28th and I promised to come with Mukul Prabhu if is in town. He then asked everyone to push for the Gurgaon temple as the construction was to be started soon. He was so polite and gentle and caring and humble, I can go on and on.

Maharaj then wanted to use the restroom and we hurriedly ripped open the packing for him to use it. Now our home is purified with double mercy as Maharaj used the first facility at our new home.

I gathered enough courage to request Maharaj if I can wash his lotus feet. Maharaj replied that he normally does not allow it. I requested Maharaj that `this’ is not `normal’ for me and he most mercifully agreed. We washed Maharaj’s lotus feet. It was the first time that I washed any sanyasi’s feet and was very nervous from inside. I prayed to Srila Prabhupada and for me with this opportunity I washed the feet of whole Gaudia Vaishanava Guru parampara.

Maharaj left for the centre around 6.10 after taking darshan of our deities in the current home.I then followed hurriedly to the Gurgaon centre. The centre was decked up beautifully and devotees danced to welcome Maharaj. Maharaj sang Jai Radha Madhava again and again and it was blissful to hear maharaj singing Kirtan. Maharaj spoke on the verse from CC madhya 22.128

sādhu-sańga, nāma-kīrtana, bhāgavata-śravaṇa
mathurā-vāsa, śrī-mūrtira śraddhāya sevana

I don’t think I have ever heard a simpler and easier explanation of this verse. I am sure everyone sitting in the packed hall would have absorbed something from maharaj’s lecture. Maharaj spoke for a long time and  by the time he finished it was already close to 9.30pm. Then another magic happened, as Maharaj left the Kirtan started playing again. HG Asit Prabhu started dancing first and within 5 minutes the whole temple danced and danced. It was as if Maharaj’s mere presence spread gold dust over everyone. It was transcendental atmosphere and it was an effort for the team in charge of serving to lay down the mats.

We had delicious prasadam and I came back home flying in the air, as I still could not fully absorb Maharaj’s visit to my humble home. What can we call this other than causeless mercy of a pure Vaishanava on a street urchin.

All glories to HH Gopala Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

All glories to Srila Pranhupada.