O Giriraj !

O ! Giriraj Govardhan,

O ! Giriraj, the best of the devotee,

O ! Giriraj, the incarnation of Krishna,

O ! Beautiful Giriraj,

Even with these material eyes I can admire your beauty

You are full of beautiful flowers, waterfalls, caves, deers, trees and what not.

O ! Giriraj, I offer my humble obeisances to You.

O ! Giriraj, please accept these incense sticks,

please accept this ghee lamp,

in this lamp’s light I can see your more wonderful aspects.

O ! Giriraj, Please accept these flowers,

O ! Giriraj, Please accept this sweet smelling champak oil,

I massage this oil on You and see You glistening.

O ! Giriraj, Please accept these food preparation I brought,

sabji, dal, rice with lots of ghee, fruits, snacks, sherbat.

All the demi gods wish to serve you,

O ! Giriraj, all our Acarayas sing prayers glorifying you,

O ! Giriraj, You give utmost pleasure to Krishna and the Gopis,

I pay dandavat to all your devotees, and all those whom You serve.

O ! Giriraj, Please accept my humble obeisances,

I invoke Your mercy and mercy of all those who served You and are serving You.

Please have mercy on me, please have pity on me,

O ! Giriraj, Please grant me a chance to serve You directly,

O ! Giriraj, please give me love of Sri Sri Radha Syamsundar.

O ! Giririaj Maharaj thousands of Jai to You.

  • Posted by Giriraj Das on May 19,2013 at 2:24pm

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