Hare Krishna.

After I started aspiring for HH Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaja, I would regularly write  him to please let me know how can I please him. The only answer I got till date was to serve the temple where I was attached, during a personal discussion. I took it to my heart and try to serve whatever opportunities come my way. I am greatful to HG Rukmini Krishna prabhuji to engage me in some some small services.

In April this year there was an announcement that we can serve Guru Maharaja by transcribing his lectures. I jumped upon the opportunity thinking I get to serve Guru Maharaja directly and I would also learn so much by transcribing his lectures. The first lecture came for 10 minutes of transcription and I did it in 3 days with a lot of enthusiasm. It took me 2 hours to transcribe it. Then came the next instruction that each lecture is to be transcribed in full, which meant each person will transcribe approx. 1 hour of Audio. I tried a lot but could not finish the first lecture till date. Utter shame, so much for my service attitude. I conveniently forgot about it but read all the transcribed lectures with great curiosity that are were being posted regularly by other sincere devotees.

Against this background let me discuss two devotees and my dear god-brothers, HG Ananda Krishna Prema Das and HG Atmarama Krishna Das, popularly known as Anand prabhu and Atma prabhu. I will not get into their material qualifications, I can share that they passed out from world famous universities and worked in the best of companies. I can proudly say that  I haven’t seen any one else as devoted to Guru Maharaja as both my god- brothers. Humble to the core, they shadow Guru Maharaj, work as his secretaries, are dedicated to each of his project and always ensure that Guru Maharaj gets proper rest, important decisions are taken and they still remain in the background.  I saw at Ujjain, when I stayed with Atma Prabhu for a day, how while taking a nap after a long day he would get up in seconds when some prabhuji will knock to ask that Guru Maharaja was calling him. There is no day or night for them in the service of Guru.

In addition to their professional lives, dedication to Guru Maharaja’s projects, they serve MVT, GBC and other ISKCON projects in various capacities.

Whenever I get some service and feels frustrated by that chore, I think about them and try to push forward in my service. They are a benchmark which I know I can only aspire. I am proud to have such god-brothers.

HG Ananda Krishna Prema Das ki Jaya.

HG Atmarama Krishna Das ki Jaya.

All glories to Guru Maharaja.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.