My Guru Maharaj

My Guru is the very life of me.

He is Caitanaya MaharaPrabhu for me, though I am completely unqualified, he took me under his shelter

and told me my relationship with Krishna.

He is Sanatana Goswami for me, who has convinced me about this relationship.

He is Rupa Goswami for me, who is teaching me how to do my prescribed duties.

He is Raghunath Das Goswami for me, who is teaching me what is the goal of my life.

By his mercy alone I can dream of having, one day, the pure love of Krishna within my heart.

He is the one who can get me the `adhikar’ to serve Holy Dhama.

He is only one who will make me see Radha and Krishna in MahaPrabhu.

He will one day bring out my real spiritual self and give me the right to serve Krishna’s associates.

He will cut the knots of my false love and attachment with this material world.

I can just beg my Guru, and all the Vaishanavas, to bless me in my devotional service to develop Bhava.

  • Posted by Giriraj Das on May 19, 2013 at 9:15pm

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