A wonderful garden

The best thing we can all ask for and aspire for in our devotional service is to wish for Sadhu Sangha. All our Anarthas can be be gone with Sadhu Sangha and we can hope to get Krishna Prema one day.

Prabhupada made such a wonderful arrangement.

He created a garden full of blossoming flowers

And ensured that new flowers will continue to blossom even after he has left this planet.

This unique garden has gardeners, teachers, administrators…

This is a unique and the best garden in the whole world.

These flowers will continue to spread the sweetest smell of Krishna consciousness for next 10,000 years.

This beautiful garden has everything a soul can aspire for and then more.

And Prabhupada named this wonderful garden….ISKCON

  • Posted by Giriraj Das on June 8,2013 at 6:00am

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