Fallen soul

While chanting yesterday morning I had another realization. I realized that whatever material benefits I get in life I try to put them as His mercy. Similarly whatever hardships come my way I accept them as a lenient punishment for my unpardonable past mistakes. But whatever little spiritual progress I am making I ascribe them to my own efforts. Out worldly I may offer them to Krishna but deep inside me I think they are partly because of my own efforts as well.

Can you see Mahaprabhu how crooked my mind is ? That is why I am a ‘Patita’ and I need Your causeless mercy, to come under the shelter of your lotus feet. You are known as ‘Patita Pavana’  and a worst pseudo neophyte like me can also be delivered by your mercy.

  • Posted by Giriraj Das on April 20, 2013 at 8:22am