I am the taste of water…

Hare Krishna.

Today morning as I went to the kitchen to drink my daily quota of  3 glasses of luke warm water I realised that although I long to drink water first thing in the morning yet I don’t bother about its taste, it has more or less become a routine for last few years. The only time I long for its taste is when I don’t get it, mostly when I am travelling and the room has just one half filled bottle, then I relish each gulp of water in the morning as I drink it carefully and long for more.

I think similar may be my current state of chanting . Every morning I get up, I get fresh and then I start my Japa. Of course, I first try to pay my obeisances before staring my Japa in a right consciousness and then begin with a force,  but once I complete my rounds or even in the middle of my rounds I chant mechanically, just hoping that I am atleast listening all syllables. I even wait for them to get completed so that I can start listening to some lecture.

Yes, over the years my no. of rounds have increased but still I am not chanting with taste. In fact I miss my early days where I used to do my japa in front of the altar with a ferocious concentration. At least the first 8-12 rounds were done with 110% of my heart into them.

By the mercy of Guru and Gauranga, I do get some taste when

1. I chant in the presence of the devotees, always very positive. May be I get conscious of everyone’s presence, may be the devotee’s presence help me focus better, it always works for me.

2.  When I chant in the temple, after mangal arti, the concentration and purity is at a different level altogether.

3.  When I chant in any of the `Dham’, I myself wonder at my concentration and the emotional connect.

kabe ha’be bolo se-dina amar
 aparadha ghuci, suddha name ruci,
krpa-bale habe hrdoye sancar
When, oh when will that day be mine? When my offenses ceasing, taste for the name increasing, when in my heart will your mercy shine? When, oh when will that day be mine?
All glories to Srila Bhaktivinod Thakura

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

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