Special chanting at Surat

Hare Krishna.

18th August 2013.

Our second day in Surat. I woke up late in the morning as the last evening ended very late. By the time I got ready and reached the apartment where Guru Maharaja was staying it was almost 7am and not a single  japa round done. As I entered the living room one of the Brahamchari, who had come from Ujjain, pointed me to sit right across him. I had planned to walk but I followed his instruction and sat down and started my japa rounds.

I closed my eyes, as too many people were coming and leaving, and started my japa. I took the opportunity of my closed eyes to concentrate on Krishna playing with his friends at Govardhan hill. I can usually concentrate on it for like a minute then my concentration breaks. To my surprise, and joy, I went through this leela samaran and then mentally went to a round trip of Mayapur temple. I had no idea about the time but my chanting was wonderful. After remembering Mayapur temple. I saw myself sitting in the same room from a third person’s perspective. I saw devotees looking at me chanting with close eyes and smiling. After sometime I see Guru Maharaj walking inside the living room and after observing everyone in the room, his eyes rests on me. My back is towards him, he touches me with his lotus feet,  just his toe. His toe felt soft, like cotton, at my back. Upon his touch I just tumble forward and fall on the ground. Some devotees try to wake me but realise that there is no pulse, I am dead.  I felt very light. Surprisingly I did not get worried about what will happen to my family, my office, new home, etc. I was watching everyone. Surprised, Guru Maharaja says`I just touched him’. One devotee adds `Giriraj Prabhuji has gone to Goloka Dham, Guru Maharaj has sent him straight there.’ Everyone is bewildered at this strange happening.

At that very moment my eyes opened, something tingled. It was my phone on silent mode, in my kurta pocket, vibrating. I was at first startled at my concentration being broken. But I was in a blissful mood. I was very happy that I had such good thoughts while chanting, I saw the time and realised that I  had done japa for 30 minutes, with my eyes closed.

It was my dear friend Sumeet Prabhuji from Gurgaon calling me. I took his call. In his own sweet way he told me that he wanted to speak to me before leaving for Australia on a short official trip. He then shared his own last night’s dream with me. He saw himself as a 95 year old and poor man who comes to meet Guru maharaja, who is still in his late sixties, and request him to give him Diksha. Guru Maharaja asks him what could he offer to him. Sumeet Prabhu then offers him his old blanket,  Guru Maharaja is very pleased, he hugs him and agrees to give him Diksha. I told him that he is blessed that he had Guru Maharaja is his dreams.  I, then, shared my `day dream’ with him. We spoke for some time about glories of Guru Maharaja and our own fallen mentality, it was then time to say good bye and chant my  balance rounds. It was strange that we  both had our own unique experience to share about Guru Maharaja.

Sumeet prabhu is a very special friend and guide for me. Its all thanks to Guru Maharaja who asked me to seek his association and I have benefited tremendously from his association.

I will always preserve and cherish this 30 minutes of chanting in my heart.

All glories to Guru Maharaja.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.