Driving home the point with humour

Hare Krishna.

18th December, 2013, Gurgaon.

Sumeet Prabhu always speak very highly about HG Amogh Lila Prabhu. He comes to his home twice a month for home program from Sri Radha Parthasarathi temple, Delhi. I never got the chance to listen to Prabhuji and in the past whenever invited I somehow could not make it. So when the invite came for today evening I ensured that I was there.

It was a pleasure to hear him. He has a natural talent for humour. Almost everyone was in splits listening to Prabhuji’s one liners and stories laced with humour. With each anecdote he drove his point home with ease.  Here are some examples

  • If we do our `marzi’ then no mercy’ !
  • `Samsung’ or `Sadhu Sangh’ ( when a devotee’s phone rang during the lecture)
  • LG : Life is goofed up
  • Surrender – `sir dey apna under’

From children to teenagers to adults everyone relished Prabhuji’s lecture, no doubt everyone wanted the lecture to go on and on.

He stressed a very important point during our discussion on challenges of being in management in ISKCON. He said that a Vaishnava is the one who is happy to see another Vaishnava. This is something I do not follow and I pray and hope to try to follow this instruction. He also said that when for some reason we do not get along with another devotee then we should serve that particular devotee in awe and reverence, what a wonderful solution, thank you Prabhuji.

Here is another gem by prabhuji: His formula to save ourselves from  falling down for name, fame & women,`na dhanam na janam na sundarim’,  we should always think that

Fame is for Guru, wealth is for Vishnu and women are for Krishna !

Here is another one.

Someone ask a devotee  `Prabhuji I want to become humble ?’

1. first stage of humbleness : Join ISKCON and you will become humble.

2. Second stage of humbleness : Join ISKCON and in ISKCON join the management and you will become more humble.

3. Third stage of humbleness: Join ISKCON and in ISKCON join the management and in management become the service incharge and you will become must humble.

Prabhuji quoted Radhanath Maharaj where Maharaj said that the progress of a devotee in his devotional journey could be gauged by seeing how happy that person is in his devotional journey. By that yard stick Prabhuji is miles ahead of all of us in his Sadhna Bhakti !

I am sure Srila Prabhupda is smiling in Goloka looking down and seeing what a wonderful, dedicated and intelligent set of grand children are now taking ISKCON to the next level, helping fulfill MahaPrabhu’s statement  “My holy name will be chanted in every town and village”

All glories to HG Amogh Lila Prabhuji.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.