Lectures with deep philosophy

Hare Krishna.

Till now, I would  always `judge’ devotees based on how they would give lectures. Similarly when some `simple’ lecture would be going on I would get impatient and would pray that Prabhu ji will soon discuss something important or `deep’. It is only recently that I realised how foolish I was, or rather I am, that most of the time the limitation is not with the speaker but with the listeners. An intelligent speaker always see who is the general audience, he then speaks according to what they can absorb rather than what only a few devotees can relish. I realised that the the austerity may be with the speaker who may wish to speak of deeper topics but has to control himself for the benefit of the majority of listeners. I touch my ears and promise myself never to judge devotees based on their lectures.

I also realised that  all the limitation is within me if I can’t get taste out of simple topics.

All glories to the ever merciful Vaishanavas.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.