Lesson of Karma from Mahabharat and Cure given by Krishna in Bhagvadgita..

Key learning from Mahabharata:
King Dhritrashtra, when he lost all his 100 sons in the battle field, inquired of Lord Krishna as to why he met with such a disastrous loss even though he did not remember to have committed any such horrible sin during his present lifetime.
Lord Krishna, out of respect and sympathy for him gracefully bestowed upon him divine vision so that he could visualise for himself the heinous act perpetrated by him in any of his previous births which was responsible for his current misery. Thus aided, Dhidrashtra discovered that fifty births back when he was a hunter of birds he once threw his burning net on a tree causing hundred small baby birds to be entrapped and burnt to ashes, while the remaining big birds flew away but they became blind due to the scorching heat of the burning net.
The effect of this horrible sinful deed was that Dhritrashtra became and remained blind all throughout his present life and also lost his 100 sons. Dhitrashtra wondered and further inquired from Lord Krishna as to why that wanton and sinful act did not immediately rebound on him to punish him in the same birth or even during his immediately next birth, and why it remained dormant as Sanchit Karma for such a long period of fifty lifetimes.
Lord Krishna smiled and replied that his past sinful deed had to wait for an opportune time up to 50 births during which time he could earn and accumulate enough pious deeds to merit him to be eligible to get a hundred sons in one lifetime so that his previous sinful Sanchit Karma could instantaneously confront him with the effects of his evil action.
Thus, nobody can escape or avoid the punishment for his sinful actions even after 50 or five hundred births. Of course, the sinful deeds will remain latent and dormant as Sanchit Karmas waiting for the opportune time to confront the person…..such is the power of karma…
The only commitment he makes in Bhagvadgita: “Surrender onto me and I will take care of your sins.”…We don’t know what sins we did in our past life….we must surrender completely now and be under guidance of our spiritual master; if we wish to receive mercy of Krishna…else our sanchit karma will haunt us in next life or life after!!!!