All glories to Tulasi Maharani

Hare Krishna.

15th May, 2014, Malaysia.


My reciprocation with Tulasi Maharani continues unabated and I beg and pray to her to please continue the same on this shudra.

Almost 10 days back I saw that one of the branches of the Tulasi was almost broken. My heart broke to see one of her branch hanging lose. I thought quickly and then went inside, spoke to my wife about the problem and my suggestion. She agreed with my idea with a little smile on her face. I brought a strong thread and wrapped around the semi broken branch, like a tight bandage. I prayed her to get well. My second reaction was the thought to call the maid and scold her strongly. The chances of the maid damaging the branch were high as I thought she must have been careless while cleaning the balcony area where all Tulasi plants reside. Somehow I drank my anger and told my wife to tell the maid to be very careful cleaning the area around Tulasi as her branches are very delicate.

Every morning and evening I would take a look at my make shift bandage but the bandage could not hold, it would become lose every other day. I knew what was coming and was quite sad, twice a day I was mending the bandage but with little effect on her. The branch was still somewhat green but the leaves started looking pale and dry. After few days I came to the conclusion that this branch could not be saved and it pained me seeing her with a branch hanging lose. Finally one morning I separated this injured branch from the stem. I  took some leaves for offering to Lord and then, I don’t know what came to my mind, I planted the broken branch in of the empty pots, which was lying empty since many months.

My earlier attempts, in the past, to plant a broken branch of Tulasi have not been successful. Still, I went ahead and planted the broken branch, offered her lots of water and then prayed to her to please stay there and remain healthy and do not leave us like this. I also said sorry on behalf of myself and my maid. I continue to water her for next 2-3 days. She didn’t change, she didn’t turn green but didn’t get worse as well. This gave me hope.

One morning while I was chanting my rounds in the same balcony, I looked at her and prayed her to stay, as her leaves looked paler today. Suddenly, while sitting in front of her, I felt as if Tulasi Maharani is talking to me in my heart. She said that she might just decide to accept my prayer if I worship her everyday. Surprised at her statement, I replied that I do worship her everyday and also offer water. She replied yes,  but that is just prayer there is no `archana’ (worship). More surprised, I asked what would make her happy ? She replied that if I were to offer her flower and lamp every day then she may just decide to stay. She also added that this particular planter has a specific space for offering her lamp and which I almost never used. Feeling extremely grateful for this conversation, or realisation or  my mind playing games with me or whatever one may call it, I answered, surprising my own self,  that if she would be pleased with my offering of lamp and flower then I will offer them everyday irrespective of whether she decides to stay or leave. I felt a smile  from her and she was gone, no communication.

I kept my word and started offering her a fresh flower and lamp before offering my daily prayers every morning. She remained okay, not improving not deteriorating. My hope increased on the third day as her leaves looked a little more fresh and healthy.  I had to leave for a trip outside Delhi on 9th May and this is her picture which I took on 8th May.

photo 2

I was overjoyed in my heart but kept my feelings under a lid and thanked her profusely. I shared the unique conversation I had with Tulasi Maharani with my wife and requested her to continue worshiping her daily with flower and lamp while I am away and this is the picture she sent me today morning from her mobile


Tulasi Maharani has decided to stay.  Hari Bol ! Hari Bol ! Hari Bol !

All glories to Tulasi Maharani.

It has been an amazing reciprocation by Tulasi Maharani. As a low caste shudra, both by birth and by action,  I never had the `adhikar’ (the right) within me to receive any such mercy from Tulasi Maharani. Some merciful Vaishanava has blessed me and this amazing relationship with Tulasi Maharani has begun in my devotional life. I pray to Vaishanava if they could also bless me that I can serve them till the last breath of my low life. I also pray and beg that I get some inspiration from such causeless mercy of Vaishanavas as well as Tulasi Maharani and my dry heart gets soft and compassionate towards everyone.

I am quoting some lectures where Srila Prabhupada glorified Tulasi Maharani.

Prabhupada: Somebody asked me,”Swamijl, why are these Tulasl beads on your neck or on your devotee’s neck? “So I replied,”Just as a pet dog has got a collar, similarly we are pet dogs of God. So we have got this collar. And Yamaraja,the Lord of Death will understand that he, the devotee, is God’s dog; he should not be shot down.” (December 19,1970, Srimad Bhagavatam Class,Surat)

Devotee: How is it possible that Tulasi Devi is a pure devotee,what we might call a plant?
Prabhupada: That you cannot know in your impure state. You just become pure. You will understand … When you become a devotee, you will understand what kind of devotee Tulasi is. So long as you are not a devotee, you cannot understand. Don’t expect to. Therefore we have to accept the authority. That is the beginning. The shastra says,”Tulasi is the greatest devotee of Krsna.” We have to accept, that’s all. Authority. How she is so great a devotee, that you will understand when you become a devotee. You come to that platform; then you will understand,not before. Now chant.
 (February 22,1973,Srimad-Bhagavatam Class,Auckland,New Zealand)
… Service to the Vaisnava, tulasi, Ganges and Yamuna:are included in pada-sevanam. All these processes of pada-sevanam help one advance in spiritual life very quickly . .. .In the same Skanda-Purana, reva-khanda, it is said that one who recites prayers to Tulasi or sows a Tulasi seed is also freed from all offenses. Similarly,one who worships the salagrama-sila can also be relieved of offenses.(Canto 7,Chapter 5,Texts 23-24 Purport)
Yes, Srimati Tulasi is the eternal consort of Krsna and the most pure devotee, and therefore the Tulasi plant is worshiped by Vaisnavas.
(Letter dated March 26,1968,from San Francisco,to Balai Oils,New York)

All glories to Tulasi Maharani.

All glories to most merciful Vaishanavas.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.