Kartik in Vrindavan

Hare Krishna.

1st November, 2015. Vrindavan

I had a small realisation last weekend when I went to Sri Vrindavan Dhama to attend the Govardhan Parikrama yatra of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

We, the whole family, reached Vrindavan on Friday evening. Surprisingly there wasn’t too much traffic on the roads so we reached fast, may be because it was a Friday or may be because it was `Karva Chauth’ (married women fast without even water for the long life of their husband, a popular festival in North India).

As we entered the temple complex  we could see the festive hustle and bustle. But as we entered the temple hall it was as if we have been transported to some magical place. There were hundreds of devotees inside, everyone offering ghee lamp to Lord Damodar.

Everyone was patiently moving forward with their turn and offering ghee lamp. It was a divine sight to behold forever in my heart.

(all the above pictures and the video are from isckon’s Vrindavan website for the same date)

How Krishna teach us

After the deep daan, we had a hearty dinner prasadam at MVT (the main motivational factor for my kids to visit Vrindavan).

My family returned back the same night where as I stayed back to attend the Govardhan parikrama the next morning. There was a small issue of my lodging as every single ashram in Vrindavan was completely booked. Anandini Radhika mataji, a kind hearted devotee from Gurgaon, had allowed me to stay at her apartment along with HG Krishnananda Prabhuji, who was staying there presently.

Fortunately for me,  I met HG Krishnananda Prabhuji in the temple itself and requested him to allow me to stay with him for a night in the same apartment. Prabhuji agreed but said that he was in fact staying in a Brahmachari ashram just outside the temple complex and invited me to stay with him as his servant as it will convenient to come to come in the morning. I was very happy to get a chance to get association of Prabhuji and heartily agreed. Prabhuji asked me to see him at 8.45pm outside Prabhupada quarters. As Prabhuji left a thought crossed my mind `I hope I don’t have to take a cold water bath at 4am in the Brahmachari ashram’!

Prabhuji was there at sharp 8.45pm but there was a slight  change in the plan. Prabhuji  informed that  now someone else will be staying with him tonight at the Brahmacharu ashram. He then introduced me to another devotee, a lawyer from Hyderabad, whose apartment, Prabhuji said, was also not too far from the temple. I reluctantly agreed, thinking I lost an opportunity to get Prabhuji’s association. While walking with that devotee to his apartment a thought  crossed my mind that I am saved from an early morning cold water bath!

As we walked back to his apartment, the devotee shared that he has not opened his apartment for 6 months and it is a little dusty. No problem, I thought, as long as the geyser works! We entered his apartment it was indeed full of dust. We cleaned apartment but the bathroom was a mess with a thick layer of dried mud which could not be cleaned with broom. I checked the taps, the water was on. I was also relieved to see a small instant geyser which switched on promptly at the press of a switch. But as I turned the lever for the warm water , no water came! It was Kaput! My heart sank.

Anyway, we pulled some covers, made them into mattresses and had a sound sleep. In the morning with a heavy heart I entered the bathroom. Fortunately for me, the water was not too cold even at 4am. I then rushed to the temple to attend mangal arti. The temple hall was chock-a-block with devotees. I hurriedly  took darshan and then went to meet devotees to leave for Govardhan.

I will write about the Govardhan parikrama later but let me first share my experience with the warm water. I came back to Vrindavan from Govardhan prikrama around 4pm. After walking 21km barefoot I was very tired and had extremely sore feet. I desperately wanted a hot water shower. In no mood for another cold water bath, I called another devotee couple who had an apartment in Vrindavan and were supposed to have arrived by now. To my dismay I found that they were running late but fortunately the key for their apartment was available with their neighbour. As I looked forward to go there and get a good hot water shower I remembered that I need to first pick up my luggage from the apartment I stayed last evening. As I walked and reached that apartment I realised that I had simply no energy left in me to walk any more. So I decided to take a cold water shower there itself and take rest.

Here is the interesting part. Next day morning, still tired and aching legs, but now I had no qualms about taking a cold water bath as by this time I was mentally tuned for a cold water bath. As I entered the bathroom somehow my eyes straight away went to the knobs below the geyser. As I turned it, the water started leaking from that knob. I found that the inlet to the geyser was turned off because it was leaking but… but the water did get warm and I could  finally take a hot water bath, only when I had no desire left!

So I got the little realisation that it was not good for me to fear from, or even think of , a cold water bath when Krishnananda Prabhuji offered to let me stay with him in the Brahmachari hostel. Then very smoothly and  sweetly I was taught a  lesson on how to keep my consciousness clean when I visit Vrindavan Dhama. And later when my desire for hot water bath went away then I got one! I thanked Dhama for teaching me this lesson, which I pray  I should  never forget.

As for me trying, unsuccessfully, to get the geyser working the first day and then suddenly being able to find the cause of geyser not working in less than 5 seconds of entering the bathroom the next day, I immediately the verse 15.15 from Bhagavad Gita

sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto
mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca


I am seated in everyone’s heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness.

I also learnt that if we are conscious in Krishna consciousness then we can see the hand of Lord in our daily life.

(Radha Shayamsundar mangal arti darshan 31st Oct 2015 )

Govardhan Parikrama

In contrast to the above experience, my visit to Govardhan got facilitated amazingly simply due to the mercy of Lord and His dear devotees. I just had a desire to take darshan of HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj since many days. Hence initially I thought it will be a good idea somehow reach Govinda Kunda at the same time when Maharaj is scheduled to give his lecture. But one after another things shaped in such a manner that I was able to reach Vrindavan a day before,  next morning leave in a car which trailed Maharaj’s car from Vrindavan to Govardhan and then start the parikrama with maharaj and other senior devotees. So due to a small desire to take darshan of Maharaj I received his mercy of being able to perform Govardhan Parikrama that too following his lotus feet.

The Govardhan parikrama itself was all bliss. The weather was perfect and more perfect was the esteem association I received, apart from Sri Giri Govardhan. I was fortunate to do most of the parikrama walking behind HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj. I was also very fortunate to receive his merciful glance and greeting during the yatra as maharaj inquired me how was I doing. I also meet HG Rukmini Prabhuji after a long gap and so many other senior devotees from Delhi. It was amazing to see HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj walking with so much energy in his steps despite all the health issues with his body. When I shared the same, Anand Chaitanya Prabhuji, replied that Maharaj is doing the yatra for us. He shared how he did not feel up to the mark to undertake Govardhan parikrama but his wife pushed him that if Maharaj could do it at his age and with such health problems then why can’t he do it? Prabhuji said that he had no answer for it and decided to join the yatra. This point was further proved when, during the prasadam break, Maharaj asked how many devotees are coming for the first time to do the parikrama, more than 50% devotees raised their hands!

Here are some pictures from the yatra which culminated  at Sri Radha Kund.

Govardha Parikrama

Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj

Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj

(Sri Radha Kund)

All glories to HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

All glories to Giri Govardhan.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Vaishanava Apradha

Hare Krishna.
8th Feb, 2015. Gurgaon

If the maddened elephant of Vaishnava-aparadha enters the devotional garden, the creeper of bhakti will be uprooted and all its leaves will dry up. (CC 2.19.156)

If the maddened elephant of Vaishnava-aparadha enters the devotional garden, the creeper of bhakti will be uprooted and all its leaves will dry up. (CC 2.19.156)

Vaishnava-aparadha' is the last in the series of blogs based onMadhurya Kadimbini’ and the seminar I heard on the same topic by HH Bhanu Maharaj. It is said that amongst all the offenses that a soul can commit, there is no offense more severe than criticism of a Vaisnava. Therefore, I decided to write a separate blog on it.

It is written in the Srimad Bhagavatam (10.74.40):

nindam bhagavatah srnvams tat-parasya janasya va
tato napaiti yah so ‘pi yaty adhah sukrtac cyutah

“One who does not leave a place where the Lord or the Vaisnavas are being criticised looses all of their sukrti (spiritual fortune) and falls down.”

One meaning of this word could be understood as Apa means against and radha means devotion; so it is an act against devotion or an act that stops devotion.

Maharaj said that though all apradhas are somewhat offensive towards the Lord yet Vaishanava apradha specifically is very damaging. Maharaj added that sinful activity is indulging in sense gratification, sinful activities are NOT directly against Krishna or directly against devotees therefore they are not harmful in the same way as Vaishanava apradha ! Sin, maharaj said, can give us suffering in terms of karma but it doesn’t necessarily destroy bhakti where as Vaishanava apradha can do that because they are directly against bhakti, against supreme Lord and against His devotees. So apradha have devotional effect, they harm our faith whereas when we indulge in sense gratification it doesn’t necessarily decrease whatever faith we have attained. So of the two apradha is more harmful than sinful activities because it is directly against devotional items !

Maharaj said they such apradha may slow down our process of bhakti if we do it inadvertently or by accidents rather than deliberately. But When the attitude becomes hostile then it becomes apradha with capital A. Which is very destructive. It will not only slow down our bhakti but can also destroy bhakti. Hostility towards Vaishanava becomes quite destructive and it is very harmful. Maharaj quoted Caitanya Mahāprabhu `this apradha is like a mad elephant which can wipe out bhakti‘. I realised that as devotee I am much more careful toward committing any sinful activity than towards committing Vaishanava apradha hence hearing Maharaj was an eye opener for me. Maharaj said something we accrued from 20 lifetimes and get the faith (via ajnata sukriti) can go away very quickly, then we may have to start again from another 20 lifetimes !!

Maharaj explained that one of the reasons for such sever reaction is because Supreme Lord is very affectionate towards His devotees and gives away Himself to His devotees and it is He who empowers His devotee to be able to preach. Maharaj added that we may not be able to see Krishna directly but through His devotees we can get Him and His mercy. Krishna gives them the shakti to preach. Maharaj said we can take the example of a powerhouse, we may not be able to see voltage in a powerhouse but can see the light bulb glowing. Similarly we may not be able to see Krishna’s mercy directly but can receive it via His devotee.

I was later browsing through Caitanya Bhagavat reading the episode of Jagai and Madhai on Nityananada Troyodasi. Though I have heard this pastime many a times still I read it repeatedly as it somehow gives me a solace that I too have similar eligibility' of receiving Nityananda Prabhu's mercy and this particular episode is described in a very detailed manner in Caitanya Bhagavat. But this time I was was shocked to read it and my so calledeligibility’ too evaporated as I read the below lines carefully

`Although they committed every conceivable sin, they were still free from offence against Vaishanavas. They were just always intoxicated and had had no opportunity to criticise vaishnava (CB 1.2). This supplements what HH Bhanu Maharaj said that sinful activities means karmic reaction whereas Vaishanava apradha can even destroy our bhakti. A chill went down my spine as I read the above line multiple times. I don’t know if I can even count as to how many times I would have criticised Vaishanavas in my so called spiritual journey.

I flipped through pages and also coincidentally read another pastime in Caitanya Bhagavat where the incident about Lord Brahma’s son, Marici’s, six sons. Once, very surprisingly, Brahma was struck by Cupid’s arrow. Blinded with lust he chased his own daughter. The six young boys began to smirk and laugh seeing this scene, and this caused them to fall down instantly from their godly positions. Because they had ridiculed a great personality, they had to take birth in the family of the vicious demon, Hiranyakasipu, who had avowed to live by the sword and put everyone into subjugation. During the fight between the demigods and the demons, Indra vanquished these six with his powerful thunderbolt weapon. They died after much torment. Yogamaya then arranged for them one by one to be born as Mother Devaki’s sons.

Lord said Take heed, O Bali Maharaja, The consequences of ridiculing a devotee of the Lord are very severe. Even perfected yogis suffer heavily if they disrespect a Vaishnava, what to mention about lesser humans. A Vaishnava offender has to pay a heavy price life after life. <strong>I am delving on this subject for your benefit so you may learn from this and never insult a Vaishnava</strong>. If a person worships Me and chants My name, but offends a Vaishnava, he has to suffer severe setbacks in his devotional life. And as for those who love and respect My devotees, I make Myself easily available to them.' In the scriptures it says,There may exist some doubt about the success in attaining perfection by serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but there is no doubt whatsoever in achieving perfection by serving the pure devotees of the Supreme Lord'(Varaha Purana). Further, in another place it states, `Those who only worship Lord Govinda, Krishna, but do not worship and serve the Lord’s devotees, are highly insolent. They never receive the Lord’s blessings.’ Dear Bali, you are dear to Me and you are My servitor, hence I have revealed these esoteric meanings of the scriptures to you.”

In the end I will quote a letter Srila Prabhupada wrote to Gopala Krsna (He could be HH Gopala Krishna Goswami Maharaj but I am not sure) (April 21, 1970) `You are always alert to see whether you are committing some offense. This is a very nice attitude. In rendering service to Lord Krsna and His representative, the Spiritual Master, we should always maintain this fearful attitude which means careful attention. This attitude will advance you progressively in Krsna consciousness.’

I will pray for all the readers to Lord today to kindly save us from committing this most dangerous apradha. After writing this blog I too feel inspired (and fearful) to add it in my daily morning prayers, to beg the Lord to save me from committing Vaishanava apradha.

And if we overcome this offence then Caitanya Mahāprabhu declares that

I will personally deliver anyone who avoids criticizing others and once chants ‘Krsna! I vow that this is the truth.
(Caitanya-bhagavata 19.213-4)

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

P.s. : I beg readers to kindly point any mistakes in myblogs. I was ashamed but very thankful to be pointed out by a merciful devotee that I wrote There is a soul inside my body' as the title of my recent blog. The incorrect title could have meant thatI am a body and there is soul inside me’. Thank you so much for pointing it to me Anand prabhuji, I’ve corrected the mistake. This shows that one need some bit of intelligence to do even simple `cut & paste’ job which I don’t seem to have developed inside my puny brain.

Mayapur trip

Hare Krishna.

By the mercy of Sri Guru and Gauranga I was able to visit Sri Mayapur Dhama and then to Jagannath Puri this week. I can write pages and pages about my experience there and am sure the same will be the case with most of us who travel to Dhama and come back with varied realisations and observations. I will try to summarise my experience in brief at both the Dhams in short.

Sri Mayapur Dhama


I had gone, for the first time, to Mayapur, almost the same time last year with Shyam Sundar Prabhu.  We had planned to go again together and I was looking forward to it. Few weeks before the trip Prabhuji told me that he may not be able to go as he may not get leave from the office. My first internal reaction was to drop the trip and go with him only whenever he could make it. Prabhuji pushed me to go alone or find some devotee but I dragged my feet. He, then, suggested that why don’t I take my family, I wasn’t sure whether they would be willing to come or not. Prabhuji pushed me. I prayed to Srila Prabhupada and asked my wife if we can all go to Mayapur and as a carrot I suggested that from there we can all go to Jagannath Puri and we can all stay in their favorite resort there, Coco palms. She agreed at one go, making my heart leap in the air, it was nothing short of a miracle for me. Later, she also suggested to bring her sister along with us, who too joined us.

Lesson for me :

a. Trust advise from devotees who are close to me, have faith in them and then use my own intelligence to walk that path.

b. Praying to Srila Prabhupada, even for selfish devotional reason, always helps. All I need is to have faith in him.


A tour at Mayapur Iskon Temple with family.

For a change we went by an overnight train to Kolkata from Delhi. One reason was of course budget as the ticket prices went too high for my budget and secondly I was advised by Guru Maharaj to travel by train more often. The 2 Tier Rajdhani was comfortable and we reached Kolkata on the dot and there was a cab waiting for us from Mayapur, which I booked via internet the same morning from temple.

We took the longer route via Kalna and it took us almost 5 hours. As we came nearer to Dhama the air changed and suddenly everything looked and felt pure, the air, the scenery, it was so refreshing just to be here. As we took the final sharp left/ U turn from the railway tracks towards ISKCON my heart beat went faster and with great anticipation I crossed many of our previous Acharya’s home, Yoga Pith and finally under the shelter of Srila Prabhupada at ISKCON gates.

All glories to Sri Mayapur Dhama.

There was an initial confusion about the availability of room and I was even getting mentally ready to stay outside the Ashram but then so many devotees came to help and within 20 minutes instead of no room I had choice of rooms in different buildings !

lesson :

a. This lessons holds me good whenever I visit any Dhama. I try to remain in complete surrender to the Dhama, atleast as far as my boarding and lodging goes :). I know Dhama doesn’t need a shudra like me still I have complete faith in my heart that with a mood  of surrender mercy flows, howsoever long may be my list of disqualification.

b. I must learn to go out of my way to help any devotees and never to be indifferent to the smallest of the requests I receive.



It was simply transcendental to take the darshan of Pancha Tattavas & Sri Radha Madhav and then sit down and hear HH Radhanath Maharaj doing Kitan, pure bliss. It was tough for me to leave the temple and look after the needs of my family but I did that nevertheless. ISKCON Mayapur wore all the looks of a festive atmosphere, getting ready for a transcendental climax.

photo 1 photo

It was a bumper harvest for me as far as seeing so many Sanyasis at a single place and also getting association of senior devotees from Delhi who are usually very busy.

I could meet HG Amogh Lila prabhu. I shared with him how I have recently been diagnosed with a serious disease, by one of the most experienced Sanyasi `doctor’, in which my heart is becoming harder and I am running after only `Jnana’.  Prabhuji prescribed some `medicine’ to get a cure from this dreaded disease, the crux of which was that I must serve out of my comfort zone. Prabhuji said all my devotional activities are centered around my own comfort zone and I must take some activity which make me uncomfortable or is not to my taste ! And then cheering me and bringing me instantly out of my sulky mood he declared that this disease, of having a hard heart and only running after knowledge, and so many other disqualifications are indeed my qualification to get mercy of Gaur Nitai.  In seconds Prabhuji snapped me out of my depressive mood which I was having ever since I was diagnosed with this particular disease. He also instructed me on many practical aspects of my spiritual and material life.

All glories to HG Amogh Lila Prabhu.

I could also grab some quality time from HG Rukmini Prabhu who again gave me practical advice on how to progress in my spiritual journey. It was after a long time that I could open my heart to him without the constraint of time. He instructions to me

1. Improve my chanting

2. Not to write blogs in the office hours ( which I am breaking right now for this blog as I will forget most of my learnings)

3. Serve the local centre more.

4. Donate more. Prabhuji said that I have to ensure that in some way my body, mind and words are being used in the service of the Lord. He also added that the `moha’ of money is more difficult to give up and that I should work on it.

5. Spend more time with family members, take guidance from mature Grahstha devotees to ensure a proper balance.

By the causeless mercy of Lord I got association of so many devotees. I met Karuna Prabhu and Nityananda Ashray Prabhu and Bimlaprasad Prabhuji from Punjabi Bagh temple, they were all there with a large no. of new congregational devotees. They took pity on me and took me and my family along with them for next two days on various trips around the Dhama.

photo 22 photo 32 photo 42

The lecture Rukmini Prabhuji gave at the Rajapura temple was so very grounded and yet profound in its basic understanding of offering Bhoga to deities.


Lesson :

a. I must open my heart to my shiksha gurus and admit, without any shame, my shortcomings. I have seen Shyam Sundar Prabhuji practicing it and it took some courage for a weak person like me to start practicing it.

b. I must constantly endeavour to improve `internally’, just improving the externally won’t help me much.

c. I should remember to beat my mind three times a day with a broom because it convinces me every time that I am doing fine as a devotee and do not need any help from devotees.

And then as a bonus I had a great time at whatever Kirtans I could attend, eyes of HH Radhanath Maharaj fell on me purifying me instantly, HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj met for a brief 30 seconds purifying me further, and finally I could take darshan of Guru Maharaj (more of that I would write separately).

photo 21

Each Mangal Arti and Kirtan was special and so was the special maha Abhishek of Pancha Tattavas on 3rd March.

photo 2

Hundreds of devotees rubbed and collected chandan and also brought Ganga Jal for the Maha Abhishek.


On the last day we heard a wonderful SB class by HG Dravida Prabhu. Prabhuji gave us a gem of a verse to meditate upon while praying to Lord. Here it goes.

tvayi me ‘nanya-visaya matir madhu-pate ‘sakrt

ratim udvahatad addha gangevaugham udanvati


O Lord of Madhu, as the Ganges forever flows to the sea without hindrance, let my attraction be constantly drawn unto you without being diverted to anyone else.  (SB 1.8.42)


Shyam Sundar Prabhu, Murari Prabhu and myself have taken timeshare accommodation in an upcoming building in the complex for 60 days in an year. Initially I was wondering that apart from these 4-5 days in March when would I ever go to Mayapur. But on this trip I felt that even all the 60 days could be less as my attachment for MahaPrabhu and Sri Mayapur Dhama grows exponentially.

All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

Hare Krishna.


Today I wish to write about one of the most senior and respected leader of ISKCON HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj.

During my initial days I heard Maharaj’s name often. I also had the good fortune to attend some of his lectures at Punjabi Bagh. I had no idea about Maharaj’s stature and just knew that whenever he was at Punjabi Bagh Temple, there was always more activity and extra enthusiasm in the devotees. But then the same was the case when some other senior Sanyasi would come to the temple. I knew he was special but how special I didn’t know. I found his lectures very simple, yet he had a special potency with which he will drill that simple message deep and he came across has a very humble and sincere sanyasi. That was my initial perception.

As I progressed a little in my spiritual journey and saw Maharaj, my respect for him grew by each day. Everytime I would see him, I would somehow try to get his attention in a polite manner. I would see Maharaj at Vrindavan, often at the mangal arti. As I heard more about him from other sanyasis and Guru Mahraj my respect and greed to meet him grew every day. Last year I was fortunate to receive a small gift from Maharaj, along with many others devotees,  for service during the Book distribution Marathon,  as HG Rukmini Prabhuji called me and introduced Maharaj to me, he told me that he would like to speak to me. Few months later I got a chance to meet for few minutes at Punjabi Bagh temple. I still hanker for a personal meeting with Maharaj but no such chance came as whenever I saw him he was always surrounded with devotees and I knew I stand no where among those much senior and sincere devotees to catch his attention.

Then one the day before Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance Day I saw Maharaj twice. First as I carried the Palanquin carrying Srila Prabhupada, Maharaj walked right in front of me for some time. The the same day as I was assisting in serving lunch to senior devotees int he Balram hall, in walked maharaj. I was so happy just to see him walking in. He took prasadam, very light, I tried to offer some vegetables and then some sweets but did not took anything, but for me I had served Maharaj.

I saw him many times during Kartik at Vrindavan. As strange it may sound but every time I see Maharaj my hankering to meet him personally grows and I like him more and more at a personal level, without actually knowing him I seem to develop  faith and relationship with Maharaj.

I also hear with awe as Sumeet Prabhu would explain me regularly his meetings with maharaj, he seem to meet him every other month with ease, his family is very close to Maharaj. While we were speaking about various sanyasis and glorifying them, we again came back to discuss HH Gopal Krishna Maharaj. We remembered how HH Janananda Maharaj glorified him the other day at Vrindavan, when we went to meet him. He said sanyasis like Gopal Krishna Goswami, Bhakti Charu Maharaj, Jayapataka Maharaj, Radha Nath Swami are all pure and special souls and without special mercy of Srila Prabhupada they can’t do what they are achieving. He specially glorified Maharaj as he handles all the tricky challenges in Russia, is in change of all the big temples being constructed, still does strong Sadhna Bhakti and deity worship.

I remember HG Rukmini Prabhuji telling us early this year in one of the lectures that when asked what is Maharaj’s secret, Maharaj replied` Strong morning Program’ ! A simple statement which underlines Maharaj.

Sumeet Prabhu told me a very interesting incident. When his father was not initiated, he helped maharaj to get a bank loan sanctioned from IOB where he used to work. During one of the later meetings Maharaj glorified his father, thanked him and folded his hands as a matter of respect. Later his brother told Maharaj that he should not have done so much respect as it was their duty to serve in this spiritual movement. Maharaj replied that there were many reasons why he did it

1.  His father has not surrendered to Maharaj, only the son.

2.  His father was an elder person in age and therefore must be respected as per material world norms

3.  He helped in Prabhupad’s mission which is the savior of mankind; such people who help in this process should be profusely thanked

4.  By showing etiquette of folding hands, it creates softness in heart and respect for ISKCON.

What not we can learn from such devotees in humility and Vaishanava etiquette. I thought that I uselessly read books and try to find how to become when I can listen to Maharaj’s pastimes and learn directly from his behavior.

Few weeks back I found courage to request HG Vidur Priya Prabhuji to please request Maharaj to visit my new apartment and bless it with his lotus feet. Sumeet Prabhu told me that  it is very difficult because Maharaj has a very busy schedule and also as Maharaj has thousands of disciples in Delhi/ NCR so it becomes difficult to please each disciple so he meets everyone at local temple only. Logical, but my mind hankers for his mercy. Some day I may get lucky. And as a bonus the hankering keeps Maharaj in my thoughts.

I will try to please Maharaj by trying to serve devotees at Gurgaon and Punjabi Bagh temple with whatever little efforts I can do.

HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj Ki Jai.

All Glories to Srila Prabhupada.